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Dark Paths Series

A clean paranormal romance series, with a sprinkling of horror. This friends-to-lovers romance follows Shea Tobin through the supernatural trappings of small-town Verbank, New York.

Home Sweet Hell

Book #1

Shea Tobin didn’t expect to be back in Verbank so soon. 

The news of her ailing father drew her back home from half a world away. Back home to the memories she believed were better left forgotten, in a town that she felt was better left in her rearview. Verbank had always held its sleepy secrets, but Shea could have never guessed there were skeletons hidden in those closets. Skeletons that reached out to her from the dark, beckoning her to look deeper into the shadows.

Accompanied by her best friend and her once-upon-a-time lover, she faces a ghost story come to life.

Night Terror

Book #2

There’s trouble in Verbank.

There’s trouble in paradise.

The mysteries surrounding their old house on Somerset continue to plague them. For every question answered, another arises. It seems that the ghosts of the past might be the least of their problems when a new danger manifests.

Shea Tobin is in the beginning stages of maneuvering a new, terrifying reality. Her lover, best friend, and some new companions join her as they trek into the darkness.

The Way Ahead

Book #3

Nothing has turned out right since Shea came back to Verbank. 

Trouble waits at every turn. For every breath she draws, another ill-twist of fate crushes it from her lungs.

Another catastrophe is born, cradled in the deepest, darkest shadows of Verbank. One that Shea glimpses through the eyes of a tortured man. She’s unearthed secrets and fortunes better left as death rattles, drawing her and her friends deeper into the unknown underworld of their quiet town. Mysteries they are determined to unravel. But not before they decide once for all who can be trusted. And who cannot. 

Joined by flames old and new, she struggles to reconcile the disaster that has become her personal life with the weight of all she must do. With the weight of the world on her shoulders, she and her companions have no choice but to fight until there’s nothing left.

Their lives depend on it. 


Book #4

There’s no respite to be found – not even in the warm embrace of a love newly blooming. The Bearers are under attack, and so too is Verbank. A murder in their small town turns their world on its axis as Shea unravels new secrets and talents that make her invaluable in the fight for Verbank’s survival. Yet, she is more uncertain than ever if she can help save her town. Especially with her ancestors tearing her apart from the inside and a realm she can hardly understand beckoning her.

Mordai has come for them, again. And Shea can’t shake the feeling that her luck might be running out.

Between Damnation and Salvation Series

A paranormal horror southern gothic romance, set in a fictional Appalachian town called Mirewick. Follow a group of unlikely heroes as they face unknown dark forces.


Book #1

The darkness came for Kayleigh and chased her far away from everything she’s ever known and loved. Her misfortune leads her to Mirewick, a small town buried in Appalachia’s deep, dark recesses. It’s there that she meets a reluctant ally, Ezra. He’s the only one who can keep her safe, though he is very hesitant to let her in, haunted by the memories of those he’s failed along the way. His secrets hobble him, forcing him to keep her at arm’s length, even though he’s all she has. The two are forced to rekindle Ezra’s old alliances — the ones he tried to bury long ago, along with the secrets of his past. It’s the only chance either has at surviving the sinister forces that nip at Kayleigh’s heels.

Their connection is potent. Instantaneous. Irrational. Kayleigh has clawed her way into Ezra’s veins and forced a heart that had stopped beating long ago to start again. Their relationship is contentious at best, but with every passing moment, he’s forced to acknowledge there’s no escaping her. She’s the tidal wave that drew him under and stole the breath from his lungs. And he’ll stop at nothing to save her.

Lesbian Fiction

This is a collection of standalone lesbian fiction.

Don’t Say “I Do”

For as long as Lily can remember, it’s always been her and Autumn. They’ve had many sleep-overs, awkward school pictures, bad break-ups, and embarrassing drunken nights. It was always supposed to be them against the world.

Until it became Autumn and her husband-to-be. And Lily.

Naturally, Lily was asked to be Autumn’s maid of honor — a role she filled perfectly. All except for one crucial thing. She forgot to write her maid of honor speech.

The day before the wedding has come, and Lily has hidden away to put pen to paper. But it’s not as simple as jotting down the poetry that fills her head. Not when every story reminds her of their past — when every retelling makes her heart ache for their future. A future where they could be more than friends.

A future where the only speech she writes are her wedding vows.

It’s the night before the wedding, and Lily has to decide which speech she will make.

Serialized Fiction

You can find a collection of my serialized fiction here! These stories are featured on Kindle Vella, my personal blog, as well as my Patreon!

Grim Tide

Available on Vella and Patreon

After a life-changing accident, Karina Levy begins a new life, upending everything she’s ever known and loved to move across the country. Avery Locke has become her only friend. Her anchor as they navigate a world she had previously never known existed. He inspires something in her. Something strange. Something primal. Something that resonates with the monster she’s become: a Werewolf.

Their connection is not so simple as “boy meets girl.” He’s her boss, after all. And his daughter is her best friend. It’s a love fated to fail, buckling under the weight of the Pack’s sordid secrets.

They’re buried alive by Pleasant Valley’s mysteries — for every fistful of dirt they push away another fills their mouth. They’re choking — hope recedes as the light fades away. They cannot be together until all truths are laid bare. Or until they dig themselves out of the hole someone else made for them.

The Fall

Available on Vella

Months have passed since her accident, and still, Karina Levy has more questions than she does answers. Unfortunately, Grim Moon’s dealings prove to be more than just troublesome they’re nefarious. Her investigations leave her in a precarious position. Caught in a whirlwind of make-believe, Karina has to maintain a secret, forbidden romance while pretending to be in another. It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out, and Karina is unsure she can outrun it.

Blood In The Water

Available on Vella

Karina Levy made a deal with the devil to keep everyone she loves safe. Embroiled in the mystery of what darkness has corrupted Grim Moon, she finds herself in the crosshairs of a criminal enterprise, a vindictive Beta, and a lover scorned. Her Beast recognizes Avery as her mate, but her decisions may be their undoing. Only time will tell if she is a hero or the architect of her own unraveling.

Escaping the Devil

Blog Exclusive!

Elizaveta never imagined her life would turn out like this. Landyn Cole plucked her from a quaint little college town and lured her to the City of Sin with a siren’s song of love on his lips. It wasn’t long before tender hands learned to bruise and she saw her lover for who he was. The Devil. A monstrous creature whose lascivious appetite only grew more insatiable when the moon was full.

For years, she has been groomed to reign over Landyn’s empire at his side as an unwilling Queen. Omnus is the reigning Monarchy of Las Vegas’ criminal underground. They deal in weapons, drugs. Flesh.

Her life has become a kaleidoscope of high-end parties, designer drugs, and bloodshed. With every drink, every hit, every order given she loses herself more. All the while, her mind drifts to a better time. One where love wasn’t offered alongside hollow apologies. Aria is a name she keeps repeating – a face she keeps seeing in the many she takes to her bed.

The time has come to leave The Devil and his hellish Kingdom behind. She enlists the help of an enemy to guide her and a friend to safety.

Back to Aria.

Awakening a Nightmare

Blog Exclusive!

Elizaveta has finally escaped the devil and fled to a small Vermont town called Sanctuary Hills. After years of suffering at the hands of Landyn Cole, the heir-apparent to a criminal empire known as Omnus, and blood-thirsty Werewolf pack, she has finally tasted freedom.
She feels him breathing down her neck as she walks the streets of her new home. She feels phantom fingers around her throat whenever she sits still. She would run again if it weren’t for the fever dream she had been chasing since she left Las Vegas.

Aria, her lover from long ago, had been little more than a wild fantasy over the years. Madness and obsession are what drove her to this place. Eli is so close to her that she can taste it. 

Joined by Yuina, a Siren, who had also been caught in Omnus’ clutches, they plan on starting a new life in this quaint town.
But even the quietest places have terrifying secrets.