Serialized Fiction

Grim Tide

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After a life-changing accident, Karina Levy begins a new life, upending everything she’s ever known and loved to move across the country. Avery Locke has become her only friend. Her anchor as they navigate a world she had previously never known existed. He inspires something in her. Something strange. Something primal. Something that resonates with the monster she’s become: a Werewolf.

Their connection is not so simple as “boy meets girl.” He’s her boss, after all. And his daughter is her best friend. It’s a love fated to fail, buckling under the weight of the Pack’s sordid secrets.

They’re buried alive by Pleasant Valley’s mysteries — for every fistful of dirt they push away another fills their mouth. They’re choking — hope recedes as the light fades away. They cannot be together until all truths are laid bare. Or until they dig themselves out of the hole someone else made for them.

The Fall

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Months have passed since her accident, and still, Karina Levy has more questions than she does answers. Unfortunately, Grim Moon’s dealings prove to be more than just troublesome they’re nefarious. Her investigations leave her in a precarious position. Caught in a whirlwind of make-believe, Karina has to maintain a secret, forbidden romance while pretending to be in another. It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out, and Karina is unsure she can outrun it.

Blood In The Water

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Karina Levy made a deal with the devil to keep everyone she loves safe. Embroiled in the mystery of what darkness has corrupted Grim Moon, she finds herself in the crosshairs of a criminal enterprise, a vindictive Beta, and a lover scorned. Her Beast recognizes Avery as her mate, but her decisions may be their undoing. Only time will tell if she is a hero or the architect of her own unraveling.

Escaping the Devil

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Elizaveta never imagined her life would turn out like this. Landyn Cole plucked her from a quaint little college town and lured her to the City of Sin with a siren’s song of love on his lips. It wasn’t long before tender hands learned to bruise and she saw her lover for who he was. The Devil. A monstrous creature whose lascivious appetite only grew more insatiable when the moon was full.

For years, she has been groomed to reign over Landyn’s empire at his side as an unwilling Queen. Omnus is the reigning Monarchy of Las Vegas’ criminal underground. They deal in weapons, drugs. Flesh.

Her life has become a kaleidoscope of high-end parties, designer drugs, and bloodshed. With every drink, every hit, every order given she loses herself more. All the while, her mind drifts to a better time. One where love wasn’t offered alongside hollow apologies. Aria is a name she keeps repeating – a face she keeps seeing in the many she takes to her bed.

The time has come to leave The Devil and his hellish Kingdom behind. She enlists the help of an enemy to guide her and a friend to safety.

Back to Aria.

Awakening a Nightmare

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Elizaveta has finally escaped the devil and fled to a small Vermont town called Sanctuary Hills. After years of suffering at the hands of Landyn Cole, the heir-apparent to a criminal empire known as Omnus, and blood-thirsty Werewolf pack, she has finally tasted freedom.
She feels him breathing down her neck as she walks the streets of her new home. She feels phantom fingers around her throat whenever she sits still. She would run again if it weren’t for the fever dream she had been chasing since she left Las Vegas.

Aria, her lover from long ago, had been little more than a wild fantasy over the years. Madness and obsession are what drove her to this place. Eli is so close to her that she can taste it. 

Joined by Yuina, a Siren, who had also been caught in Omnus’ clutches, they plan on starting a new life in this quaint town.
But even the quietest places have terrifying secrets.