Another Announcement!

I wish there was a way of conveying my excitement that wasn’t just sound effects. I am over the moon. Elated.  Overjoyed. Crapping rainbows. 

I need you to understand that everything I have just said was all wheezed out on one unending breath. And, also, may have been said in the same octave of a pterodactyl shriek. Not sure how high that is, but I imagine it’s up there. Almost at glass-shattering heights.

First, before I get into the nitty gritty of what has me losing my ever loving mind, I should do my due diligence.

I started this blog shortly after publishing my first book in the Dark Paths Series, “Home Sweet Hell”. I have mentioned it on my social media, but haven’t mentioned it on the blog. However, the time has come to talk about the first book. Why you may ask?

Because I’m about to release the second book!

Shea Tobin didn’t expect to be back in Verbank so soon. 

The news of her ailing father drew her back home from half a world away. Back home to the memories she believed were better left forgotten, in a town that she felt was better left in her rearview. Verbank had always held its sleepy secrets, but Shea could have never guessed there were skeletons hidden in those closets. Skeletons that reached out to her from the dark, beckoning her to look deeper into the shadows.

Accompanied by her best friend and her once-upon-a-time lover, she faces a ghost story come to life.

“Home Sweet Hell” is available for $0.99 for a limited time, only! The sale will end on August 28th, 2021!

Now that we’ve plugged the first book, allow me to introduce the second installment in the Dark Paths Series: Night Terror.

There’s trouble in Verbank. 

There’s trouble in paradise. 

The mysteries surrounding their old house on Somerset continue to plague them. For every question answered, another arises. It seems that the ghosts of the past might be the least of their problems when a new danger manifests. 

Shea Tobin is in the beginning stages of maneuvering a new, terrifying reality. Her lover, best friend and some new companions join her as they trek into the darkness.

It’s available for pre-order for $0.99 now! 

The book officially is out on August 28th, 2021! After the 28th, the book will go up to its full price of $3.99! You can find out where you can pre-order it by going to my books2read link.

I’m super excited! I love it, I love the story and I hope you love it too!

If you do pick it up, I’d love to know what you think! 

It helps out authors a lot when you write a review or leave a rating! So please, show your support in whatever way you feel comfortable. It really does mean a lot to us!

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