Writing Prompts: 19 Horror Romance… Horrormance? Prompts

I think it might be fun to make a list of ‘horror-mance’ prompts, so that is precisely what I’m going to do. If you use one of these, please leave a comment with a link to your writing (or if you’re comfortable, please feel free to share in the comment section). If you’re shy, you can DM me on Instagram! I’d love to see what you come up with!

Write About:

  1. A ghost falls in love with the home’s new tenant, but the only way they can convey their infatuation is by leaving dead flowers throughout the home.
  2. A romance gone sour in a past life (only to begin again in their new one)
  3. A psychic keeps foretelling horrific break-ups in an attempt to sabotage their client – who they’re secretly madly in love with
  4. An incubus creates a harem of the most unlikely, unsuspecting friends
  5. An undead lover returned from the grave to find their one true love who they never were able to tell how they felt.
  6. A vampire falls in love with their prey
  7. A vengeful lover casts a curse on their loved one to ensure they never love anyone else. Surprise me with whether they find their true love elsewhere, or they return to the person who cursed them.
  8. “Somewhere between a nightmare and a dream, their love life begins”
  9. A werewolf falls in love with an enemy (a hunter, an enemy pack, a blood enemy)
  10. A couple who doesn’t know they’re dead, trapped in the night they died for the rest of eternity.
  11. A lover found only in the mirror
  12. Help, I fell in love with my sleep paralysis demon!
  13. Two ghosts find each other in the afterlife
  14. You’re being hunted by a figure in your dreams (the naughty version)
  15. A young couple begins reliving a romance that was not their own
  16. The stalker becomes the stalk-ee
  17. A demon possesses a body to search for an old flame
  18. A romantic meeting under the full moon goes wrong
  19. A couple who turns into monsters together… stays together? Slays together?

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