15 Romance Prompts

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some prompts! The last I posted were “horror-mance.” Prompts can be an excellent way to get the brain going – some of my most favorite ‘warm-up’ scenes have been inspired by prompts. If you use any of these, please feel free to share! I’d love to see them!

  1. Childhood sweethearts reconnected by some kind of event in their home town (school reunion, county fair, a funeral, whatever tickles your pickle). 
  2. On again off again long distance relationship that suddenly can be far less off-again, now that they’re suddenly living in the same area.
  3. They meet on their worst days of their lives – their feelings can be described as somewhere between resentful and ambivalent – but their attraction is undeniable. Through forced proximity those feelings, grudgingly, turn into something more.
  4. It’s wrong to be so attracted to their partners best friend, but they can’t help it. What starts as a one time thing results in so much more, promising a trail of broken hearts left in their wake.
  5. A lover returned, seemingly, from the dead – no calls, no texts, no smoke signals – they return and expect to pick up where things left off. Of course, your hero/heroine/nb-savior can’t resist the pull for long. 
  6. It was an accident. An embarrassing accident. And it happened in front of this UNGODLY hot person. Fortunately enough, they’re rather sweet about the whole ordeal. At least, enough that your MC is willing to deal with the feeling that their face is going to melt off long enough to go out for a drink. 
  7. The unfairly cute neighbor barges in and saves your MC from something horrific (home invasion/house fire/etc.) They’re kind enough to offer their place for a few days, and your MC feels safer with someone else around. 
  8. Their relationship ended for entirely valid reasons. There were too many secrets, too many lies. But now, their once-lover is back on their doorstep. This time, they need help. And they’re ready to start talking.
  9. There is no one in the world your MC hates more than their insufferable co-worker. But, through an unfortunate twist of fate, they now have to work together. Alone. For a prolonged period of time. Beneath the cocky exterior lies an actually sweet person. One who your character wants to punch in the face a little bit less. Only a little bit, though.
  10. After years of missed opportunities, the stars have finally aligned and they can finally be together!
  11. It started off as a fake relationship, but somehow, feelings began to grow. Your MC is left wondering if the feelings are mutual or if they’re just barking up the wrong tree.
  12. They don’t need love to save them. They’ve been in and out of it so many times, they’ve sworn it off. But then someone perfect falls into their lap and they’re left wondering if their heart can stand another break. For them, it might be worth it. 
  13. They’re just roommates. Sure, they can’t help but gawk at their backside when they rush around in the morning to get dressed. But they can be attracted to someone without it being something more, right? It turns out, not really. Especially when a searing bout of jealousy has catastrophic effects. There’s some explaining to do.
  14. They’ve dated everyone but your MC, so when they finally come around to knocking on their door, your MC doesn’t believe their interest. But as it turns out, it has only ever been them. Everyone else was just a hollow replacement. Will they give them a chance?
  15. A holiday flings gets a great deal more complicated when they come back to find out their fling is now their boss.

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