Review: “Bittersweet Confessions” by Chessa Andersen

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Are you guys ready for review madness this week? Two of my favorite indie authors are releasing today and I am over the moon.

Next up is Bittersweet Confessions by Chessa Andersen! This is a stunning debut by Andersen, and I definitely think everyone who likes short, sweet, and steamy novellas should give this one a whirl!

We follow Cat Coleman and David Greenlaw as they reconnect over coffee (Cat’s obsession). They come from the same hometown and knew each other in High School. But now, David is no longer the teenage boy she remembers. He’s an entirely-too-enticing grown man. It begins as a friendship, made unsteady by the obvious mutual attraction. It seems like a simple enough love story until David’s sister enters the picture. Once a bully, always a bully – and it seems that even after all these years, Gail still has a soft spot for torturing Cat. The question becomes whether they’re strong enough to endure her torments – or if Dave is even open to seeing it.

I opened this novella on a lunch break and inhaled it. To be honest, I continued reading it on the clock (please don’t tell anyone). I absolutely adored this story. From beginning to end. The characters were well-written, the dialogue felt natural and free-flowing. Further, their romance felt practical. Approachable. I enjoyed getting to know Cat and Dave (and rooting for them). Andersen wrote characters who came right off the page. I found myself seething at Gail (honestly, I probably misplaced a lot of childhood trauma in the pages of this story), and was desperately rooting for her snooty-little-demon-spawn self to suffer a comeuppance of her own.

It’s always wonderful to see new authors take the plunge into publishing. It’s refreshing to hear unique, and new voices. Chessa is one of those writers for me. I cannot wait to see what else she has in store for us! I can’t wait to read more of her work!

You can find Chessa: on Goodreads, Instagram and Wattpad!

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