Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Writers

Can you believe that it’s December already? I… cannot.

If you’re anything like me, you put off gift shopping until the last possible minute. Guess what? You’re in good company. We can ride this caffeine-drenched anxiety bus all the way into the holiday season, regardless of what you celebrate!

If you’re hurting for some ideas on what to get your favorite writer friend/partner/sibling/parental unit/bridge troll, this list is for you!


I don’t know a single writer who doesn’t have eight thousand half-used journals strewn across their shelves. Why? Because we are infuriating creatures who swear we’ll end up filling one journal. Someday. It might sound like a strange gift idea, but I promise, almost every writer will light up while holding a new shiny in their hand. 

I personally enjoy: Archer & Olive for bullet journals, Leuchtturm1917 for general journaling, and frankly, you can never beat a classic moleskin. Perhaps you’re looking for something more personalized? Check out Etsy, though, these require some forethought. Not the best for a last-minute gift.

Cute Mugs

Make sure your writer is caffeinated! Or, at the very least, can sit down with a nice cup of hot chocolate while writing words that will make your soul weep. 

Check out this cute little mug I found on Amazon!

Tea/Coffee Subscriptions

Again, riding on that theme of being well-caffeinated. You’d be surprised how many subscription services there are for the hot leaf-bath and bean-water lovers. You’ll know what your writer person enjoys most, but allow me to put in the good word for a few I’ve personally enjoyed. Bones Coffee is simply to die for. And look at their packaging? Beautiful. 

Let’s not forget David’s Tea’s Tea Tasting Club!

Fuzzy Socks

You have to make sure that their feets are extra well-cared for. Comfortable toesies certainly make the writing experience more enjoyable. 

All The Warm Things

When in doubt, go for something snuggly. Maybe an adorable little housecoat? A sherpa-lined hoodie, perhaps? Slippers, too! Or! Maybe a cute little throw blanket! The world is your oyster, and your writer friend is sure to enjoy being kept all snugly. 

Book Subscription Services

Most writers do enjoy a good book. But! As I’m sure you know, having a bookworm as a loved one, it can get expensive. Give them something to look forward to by buying them a subscription to Book of the Month, or any of the many other book subscription services there are out there. No room? No problem! How about checking out Scribd

Grammarly Subscription 

Grammarly is one of my all-time favorite services. It’s something I ask for every year during the holidays. It’s simultaneously my best friend and arch-nemesis. It does as the name implies, check the grammar of your writing. But, more impressively, it checks for things like reading clarity, engagement, delivery – it really is a wonderful program that takes a lot of the heavy-lifting out of self-editing! 

If you do decide to get your writer-person a subscription, be sure to ask them about what tone their writing has! I once got “angry” and “insecure” while writing a love scene!

Food Services

Speaking exclusively from experience, sometimes I get so deep in my writing hole that I forget to do basic things necessary for human survival. Like… hydrating, and eating. There are plenty of food services out there that make it simple and affordable to have easy-to-make meals delivered straight to your door. I know plenty of you have heard about HelloFresh, but there’s plenty of other services out there like Blue Apron, Purple Carrot (Vegan), Daily Harvest, etc. 

A Cleaning Service

Riding the coattails of “forgetting to do the basic things I need to do for survival”, let’s talk about cleaning. I’m not saying all writers are messy. I’m just saying that most I know are. Hunt down your local cleaning service, and see what their prices are! You’d be surprised how affordable they can be. And sometimes, what we need to allow creativity to flourish is a clean space (one that we didn’t have to clean, ideally). 

Blue Light Glasses

Provided they don’t have prescriptions, of course! Hours after hours of staring at a computer screen can really be a drain on the eyes. Headaches galore, my friend! I made the decision to invest in some blue light glasses, and it is, hands down, is one of the best investments I’ve made! I purchased mine off Amazon!

A Cool Typewriter Keyboard

Nothing quite summons the feelings of being an old-time writer like a typewriter keyboard. If nothing else, they look incredibly cool (especially the rainbow backlit ones!).

Happy holiday shopping, friends! I hope this list has given you some good ideas! Do you have anything else you think should be added to this list?

I’d love to know if you bought your loved one something off this list! Feel free to drop into the comments below!

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