Holiday/Winter Writing Prompts

It’s the most wonderful time to write smut. Sorry! There’s a bit of romance writer humor for you! But, in all seriousness, is there anything more beautiful than a winter scene? Snow flitting gently from the sky, the soft sound of it crunching beneath your boots – tree limbs coated in thick blankets.

If you couldn’t tell, I absolutely love winter. In the spirit of the season (and the holidays), I’ve composed a list of some prompts!

  • Snowed In: Your characters are snowed in together. Alone. And, unfortunately, it’s not spelling out to be a romantic get-away. After all, their relationship can hardly be described as anything but contentious. Through a series of disappointments and pitfalls, the two, remarkably, start to get along. Sparks fly, and not just from the fire burning in the hearth.
  • Mistletoe Everywhere: They keep trying to escape it, but it seems like it’s everywhere. They’re in the awkward in-between, unsure if their feelings are shared, or if they’re wholly one-sided. There’s only one way to know for certain, when one of them finally reaches a breaking point. Tradition is tradition, and if they kiss once under the mistletoe, they no longer have to worry about it. Right?
  • Fake Partner For The Holidays: It’s crazy, but their family has been asking non-stop to meet a romantic partner. Pleading, really. So, it’s really no surprise when they reach their breaking point. They reach out to a long-time friend (someone they may or may not have carried a torch for, for many years) and ask if they’d mind being their fake partner for the holidays. Surprise, surprise! They agreed! But what started off as an innocent game of play-pretend turns into so much more as they find themselves wrapped up in the spirit of the holiday!
  • Someone Get Me Down From Here?: They’re on holiday, and being the odd man out, they’re often left to their own devices. Which, was what led them to this unfortunate situation. They’re on the ski-lift. And it’s stopped working. Worse, they’re sat next to someone who just won’t stop talking. It might be told, or the mountain air, but after a while they start to seem… well, almost charming.
  • Tree-Lighting Catastrophe: One of the greatest parts of the holiday season in their tranquil small town is the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. One that goes horrifically wrong before it can even start when one of the decorators (a klutz who never should have been allowed up on a ladder) tumbles onto an outrageously attractive stranger from out of town. There are injuries and a few curse words thrown around. But, eventually, their painful meet-cute winds them up at the hospital. It isn’t so bad. Especially when the out-of-town stranger gets a bit protective. Is love in the air?
  • Christmas Carolling Proposal: After a painful break-up, they finally realize what they want. Every second spent away from their ex, they realize what a mess they’ve made of everything. It’s Christmas, and all they can think about is how they make it right. And that’s when an idea pops into their head. Sic the Christmas Carollers on them and propose. It could be sweet, hilarious, or maybe just incredibly awkward.
  • A Snowy Layover: There’s a few hours to kill, and only one wall plug left. They’re going to the same place, but after tonight, they’d be happy to live across the country from each other. It sucks that they have a blanket – one they offer to share. Who really wants to ring in the New Year cuddled under a throw blanket with a phone-jack hog? But by midnight, maybe they’re not so bad. Maybe, they’re even deserving of a New Year’s kiss!

I would love to know if you end up using any of these prompts! Feel free to send me a link/write it in the comments section down below!

Do you have any Holiday/winter themed prompts?

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