Announcement: Don’t Say “I Do”

At the risk of sounding grotesquely sentimental, I cannot believe it’s here!

Autumn and Lily’s story has been chewing holes in the back of my brain for a very, very long time. I worried about writing a sapphic love story — especially coming from a genre where it’s not as common to find women falling for other women, and having their happily ever after. But the siren’s call came, and I couldn’t ignore it. 

So, I present to you, Don’t Say “I Do”, a sapphic contemporary romance. A best friends to lovers novella.

For as long as Lily can remember, it’s always been her and Autumn. They’ve had many sleep-overs, awkward school pictures, bad break-ups, and embarrassing drunken nights. It was always supposed to be them against the world.

Until it became Autumn and her husband-to-be. And Lily.

Naturally, Lily was asked to be Autumn’s maid of honor — a role she filled perfectly. All except for one crucial thing. She forgot to write her maid of honor speech.

The day before the wedding has come, and Lily has hidden away to put pen to paper. But it’s not as simple as jotting down the poetry that fills her head. Not when every story reminds her of their past — when every retelling makes her heart ache for their future. A future where they could be more than friends.

A future where the only speech she writes are her wedding vows.

It’s the night before the wedding, and Lily has to decide which speech she will make.

This was a uniquely personal story for me. Some of the experiences and stories you read are from my own life — some borrowed from dear friends of mine. I was desperate to write a story that looked more like my own romance(s). I wanted something wholesome. Something sweet. And so, here we are!

Don’t Say “I Do” will be available on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, February 12th, 2022! You can pre-order signed author’s copies (paperback or hardcover) through my website (follow the link here). You can also order paperbacks or hardcovers from Amazon (ebook, Paperback, and Hardcover)! You can add Don’t Say “I Do” to your Goodreads “Want To Read” list by following this link: here.

Thank you so much for your support — it really has meant a lot to me to see it. Especially when it comes to a story this deeply personal to me. 

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you all!

As always, I want to hug your heads!

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