“My Everlasting Reign” by Morgana Stewart

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My Everlasting Reign is Morgana Stewart’s debut young adult fantasy novel. It is a dark, twisting tale, fit for anyone who loves a bit of grit. 

Adelaide Mary Eccleston is the youngest of seven, and should never have been made Queen. Due to circumstances beyond her control, she has ascended to the crown which has dethroned her father and thrown the line of succession into upheaval. She proves to be a merciless, conniving Matriarch. Caught in the brutal tides of royal intrigue and uncertain of who to trust, she begins to fall apart at the seams, forever wondering who will be the cause of her undoing. 

Morgana Stewart has a beautiful voice quite unlike most of what I’ve found in the young adult genre. This story is gripping, dark, and riveting. Our heroine is, frankly, quite unlikeable in this coming-of-age story. She is, for lack of a better term, seemingly irredeemable. Yet, we find ourselves rooting for her success — championing her to become the Queen we, the readers, believe she can be.

I was pleasantly surprised by the storytelling and the world-building in My Everlasting Reign. With a unique catalog of beasts reigning supreme over the Kingdom, we’re plunged into a world quite unlike our own. 

It was far darker than I expected it to be, which, while not a turn-off, might prove to be a bit taxing for those who like lighter story-telling. I often found myself questioning the motivations of everyone around her, picking out red herrings like I was the last, starving woman standing on an episode of Alone (a survival series that I’ve recently become obsessed with — don’t judge me).

The conclusion of My Everlasting Reign does leave me wanting more. I do hope that this story continues, as I have many questions I am desperate to have answered. From the author’s notes, it seems like the intention is to write a sequel (though, the status and impending release are unclear at the time of writing this).

Overall, it was a pleasant departure from the “happily ever after” stories that have been busting my shelves for the last few months. A macabre palate cleanser, in a fashion! Congratulations, Morgana. This was a stunning debut and I’m greatly looking forward to reading more!

You can find Morgana here: Goodreads, Instagram, Redbubble, Tiktok, and their Website.

Do you like reading darker stories? Tell me a bit more about what you look for in your fantasy novels! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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