Dead Lands by Stacey Marie Brown

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Here we are again, talking about the Savage Lands series. I honestly was terrified that it was going to be a bunch of reviews that said the same thing over and over again. But here we are, about to say some new things! First, if you haven’t checked out my reviews of, Savage Lands, and Wild Lands, please do! 

Dead Lands is the third installment in Stacey Marie Brown’s, Savage Lands series. Brexley, our heroine, has found herself again in uncharted waters. She has been kidnapped by a rebel group, only to be reunited with ghosts. Still stuck in the middle of humanity’s war against the fae, she becomes acutely aware of how she can trust no one. Maybe not Warwick Farkas. Definitely not Warwick. That doesn’t stop their relationship from reaching its boiling point, even as the world continues to go topsy-turvy around them. 

I have to be honest, I feel like this book in particular was getting a bit repetitive. I feel like we’re experiencing the same plot points in every book. Big boomy-boom gets Brexley out. Brexley falls in with Warwick. They get close and nearly do the horizontal tango. Warwick insists he’s not interested, hurts her feelings, and occasionally there are fisticuffs. She runs away/gets kidnapped, he shows he cares by coming after her. Motorcycle chase. Wowweee. 

A lot of my earlier praise absolutely still rings true. I love her writing, her dialogue, I love the world, the lore. I love the character development. 

But all that being said, I’m frustrated that we’re only now getting to know anything about Warwick – and even still, it’s the tiniest kernel of knowledge. I’m also a bit frustrated that we’re going through the same cyclical torture with Brexley’s and Warwick’s relationship. I don’t mind if she wants to keep us in this boat of “will-they-won’t-they”, I just wish what drove them apart every time was different. At this point, it’s formulaic, and… I hate to say it, pretty typical.

My other issue is that this book felt a bit unnecessarily complicated. It felt like there was too much happening at once/too many plot points to hit in a short period of time. But, that honestly might just be me nit-picking. 

 I also have suspicions about Scorpion that I do not want to outline in this blog because I don’t like including spoilers. But, when I am finished with Bad Lands, we’ll know if I’m right.

I did enjoy this read. I feel like if I read it as a stand-alone, it would be a 4-star review from me. But, in the grand scope of the series as a whole, I have to rate it 3.5 stars – rounded up, as always.

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Have you read any of the Savage Lands series? What are you thoughts?

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