Review: Enchanted Kisses by Tara Gallina

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Enchanted Kisses had been on my TBR pile for far longer than I care to admit. I spotted it a few weeks before it came out, added it, and somehow it just continued to get buried. I was finally able to get to it, and I gotta be real with you! It’s entirely worth the wait.

Enchanted Kisses is a fantasy/fairy tale romance, centered around our heroine, Lily, and the apple of her eye, Caiden. Lily is thrown into a world of magic and royalty, making her question everything she thought she ever knew. Caiden disappeared from her life with no explanation, only to re-emerge to tell her that all of the fairy tales he had whispered in her ear were real. She is pulled in many directions and forced to choose between worlds. A choice that is ultimately made for her, when she becomes hunted by Caiden’s enemies. 

My plot description of this book is, frankly, paltry in comparison to what you actually get reading the book. So much happens.

First and foremost, the world-building and lore are fantastic. I loved the world that Tara Gallina crafted, and would absolutely read more books in this world. I think it’s incredibly cool, and frankly… well, just so cool

The writing in this book was beautiful. I really felt for the main characters (Lily and Caiden) and ended up rooting for them. 

Frankly, this would be an easy five stars for me (which, let’s be real, I’m going to be rounding up since Goodreads and most platforms don’t allow half stars), but I do have some gripes that took away from the overall enjoyment of the book. 

First, it feels very strongly like a love triangle is there to deepen the tension between Lily and Caiden. But, what we end up with, instead, is a sort of insta-lust feeble plot device that I don’t know served much of a purpose beyond an excuse to transport Lily from one place to the other. I didn’t get the strong sense that there was a connection between Lily and Dagan, and it felt less like part of the story, and more of a less-flushed-out storytelling device to create more tension/drama with Caiden and Lily. Honestly, there was more than enough without the addition of romantic sidebars with Dagan. This story is strong enough to stand on its own without its addition. 

I was a bit irked by the lack of closure we got from the Dagan subplot at the end, as well. It seemed, again, like an afterthought as opposed to a neatly polished conclusion. 

Strangely enough, as much as I do love Dagan (and would devour a novel featuring him as the MMC), I feel almost like this story might have been stronger if it was allowed to be unrequited possessiveness, or, simply, him wanting her because he wanted to steal her from his brother. 

Overall, I am greatly looking forward to reading more from this author. And fortunately enough for me, it looks like she already has quite an extensive backlog. 

You can find Tara Gallina: on Bookbub, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest, Goodreads, and her website.

Have you read anything from this author before? Have you read Enchanted Kisses? I would love to know your thoughts! Let’s talk in the comments below! 

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