Review: Learning to Trust by Kallie Mont

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As you may or may not know, I spent the entirety of June reviewing books by LGBTQ+ authors with Reading the Rainbow Reviews! I had the distinct pleasure of reading Kallie Mont’s, Learning to Flirt. I fell head over heels for their story and knew I had to get the second book immediately

So, I did. And it sat on my TBR for a few weeks! But, better late than never!

Learning to Trust follows Maggie and Parker during the blossoming stages of their romance. Parker, being nearly thirteen years Maggie’s senior, moved to the sleepy town of Doveport in hopes of finding something new. She left behind a career and a relationship — both of which didn’t make her happy. It wasn’t until she stumbled into Maggie’s bookstore that she started to feel at home. Maggie is a bit socially maladjusted and a bit air-headed, but this only endears her to Parker more. Their flirtation leads them into something magical, though the town and its inhabitants (and some visitors) seem intent on throwing more difficulties in their way. The question remains whether Parker will remain at the end of the year in Doveport with Maggie or if she’ll return to her former life.

The writing in the Doveport series is delightful. It seamlessly flows together, which surprised me, given that Kallie Mont is actually two people! A and K did a remarkable job of blending their writing styles, which, if of itself, is deserving of praise. The fact that it’s quirky and delightfully tongue-in-cheek is just a cherry on top!

What I love the most about this series are, actually, the side characters. They are so beautifully developed and well-crafted that I find myself thinking of my own group of friends and assigning them roles. 

This beautiful lesbian fiction should definitely be on your TBR! If you’d like to read my review of the first book, Learning to Flirt, you can check out my review on the Reading the Rainbow Reviews Instagram!

You can find Kallie Mont: Facebook, Goodreads, and their website.

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