14 Writing Prompts for Valentine’s Day

Hello there, friends! Tomorrow is the day of romance, and I don’t know about you, but it’s giving me all sorts of inspiration to write something sweet and sappy. These prompts are perfect for those of you who want to write but don’t know where to start! Or for those of you who are just looking for something light and fun to get your creative gears turning!

I would love to see what you wrote if you use any of these writing prompts! Feel free to tag me on social media or even reach out via e-mail!

14 Writing Prompts for Valentine’s Day

  1. You fall in love with the sound of their voice. You don’t know what they look like or anything about them. The strangest part is they recognize your voice, too!
  2. It’s weird, but the first thing you notice about them is how they smell. It reminds you of something important, something precious. For some strange reason, you can’t help but want to get to know them better. Perhaps, something more than their smell evokes that same emotion in you.
  3. Your fingers brush. It’s something so simple and inconsequential, yet you can’t shake the feeling that there’s something there. What happens when sparks fly? What happens if those sparks are, perhaps, even literal?
  4. It’s creepy, but you can’t help but notice them. You see them at the same place, at the same time every day/week. Is it possible to fall in love with the way someone smiles? Or now the wind rakes through their hair?
  5. They’re the absolute worst. The client from hell. As time goes on, you find yourself wondering if that twisting feeling in the pit of your stomach really is hatred or if it’s something else?
  6. Your best friend introduces you to something new—a hobby perhaps—but you find love instead!
  7. “It’s always been me!” You want to scream it from the mountaintops. Fat lot of good that would do, though. They’ve been with everyone but you. And you’re starting to wonder if there’s something wrong. Not attractive enough? Witty enough? Why has everyone else caught their attention? Do you try to change it? Or do they suddenly wake up?
  8. You’re always in the same place at the same time. Can it really be a coincidence? Or is there something more nefarious going on? Paranoia grips you one day, and you confront them, only to realize they’ve been trying to build up the courage to ask you out. For a very long time. Creepy or sweet?
  9. They say that you’re supposed to let love free, and if it comes back, it is meant to be. But what about when you don’t let go, but they leave anyway? Your love is back — from where, you don’t know — and they have next to no answers to give. They just want you back. What do you do?
  10. Reconnecting with a childhood friend, you realize that there is something more than friendship there. Perhaps, there always has been!
  11. Loving an imperfect person is less than perfect. They’re not the best. Then again, neither are you. Your relationship is difficult and filled with pitfalls, but it’s yours.
  12. It’s never right to fall for someone else. Yet, there you are, dragged into a tempest you had no chance of escaping. Your lover is on your mind as you fall into bed with another—a stranger who has completely stolen your heart.
  13. Your families love each other, but you two? Not so much. Your families are completely obsessed, while you two have been tugging each other’s hair and pushing each other around since the playground years. They keep meddling, pushing you two together until finally, they get what they wanted—with explosive consequences.
  14. You want to make romantic gestures, you really do. But every time you try, you screw them up. Horribly. It’s a miracle that the object of your obsessions hasn’t just turned their back on you. If the roles were reversed, you might have. Perhaps, they find it charming? Or even just downright funny? Regardless, they’ve agreed to a date, and now you have to try not to screw that up too.

Happy writing!

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