Awakening a Nightmare: Chapter Eleven


NSFW: Sexual content, adult language
TW: Infidelity


Eli took her dinner in her room, desperate to keep as much distance between herself and Aria’s girlfriend as possible. The walls felt like they were closing in on her, and she was having difficulty focusing on anything other than her escape. It had been urgent before, but now, it was all-consuming.

She strained to hear them speaking through the walls. It was hard to make out the words, but she could certainly make out the tone. Aria was frustrated. Salena was angry. Eli heard her name a few times but could barely make out anything else. They had been smart about it, as they had with any conversation they wanted to keep private. They’d run the dishwasher and the washing machine and positioned themselves as far away from Eli’s bedroom as possible.

The front door had opened at some point, and Salena had disappeared. Where to, Eli didn’t know. Nor did she really care. Eli kept her ears carefully tuned into her surroundings and all but had her nose pressed to the glass in hopes of catching Aria doing the same.

It was too much to hope they’d be stupid enough to leave her alone.

If push came to shove, she knew she could get out of there by pure force alone. It was the memory of what Aria had once been to her that stopped her from giving in to her temptations. Though, if Aria stood in her way, Eli couldn’t say for sure that sentimentality would keep her safe.

The clock kept ticking and time crawled by. She was shrouded in shadow, hip braced against the wall as she watched the streets grow still and silent.

Eli sighed heavily, realizing there was no chance of Aria leaving her alone for the night. Indecision warred in her belly. She could make a run for it now, but that would involve risking Aria. Ideally, she would have tried to make her escape while Salena was on the watch. At least, then, she didn’t have to worry about whatever carnage she left in her wake.

The only way ahead was to wait for Aria to go to bed.

Which seemed like it might happen sooner rather than later. Eli heard her captor’s gentle footsteps tiptoeing down the hall. Her door squeaked ever so slightly, only to be stopped abruptly as if someone had grabbed the door to silence its screaming. Craning her head from side to side, she listened carefully to every sound. A dresser drawer opened. She’s getting ready for bed.

Soon, she imagined she’d hear a sink running and the buzz of an electric toothbrush, followed soon after by the squeak of the spring mattress.

Instead, she heard Aria’s so-very-careful footsteps leading her down the hall back into the living room.

The television’s drone was gone, as was the hum of the electronics. The apartment was entirely still.

Eli wondered what Aria could be doing alone, in a dimly lit apartment, with no distractions. If the intention were to maintain vigil all night, surely she’d need something to keep her eyes open.

A faint buzzing crawled its way down the halls and snuck beneath the crack in the door. A soft, breathy sound followed.

A broad, too-wicked smile formed on her lips when she realized what was happening.

Aria was smart enough to know that the walls were paper-thin between their rooms. Clearly, she thought she was being sneaky by going to the living room to pleasure herself. But, courtesy of her preternatural hearing, every little hitched breath and whimper came to her like surround sound in the quiet. Undoubtedly, Aria thought she was protecting herself by killing all the sound. How else would she be able to hear if Eli was approaching?

It was so deliciously sinful she could hardly stand it. Especially since Aria sounded far more satisfied by her vibrator than Salena.

Want carved a path between her legs, pulsing as she heard a particularly delicious whimper from Aria. It was an electric shock, immediately causing a slick need.

Catching her lip between her teeth, she braced her shoulders against the wall and leaned closer to the door to hear her better. Her hand drifted over the midline of her torso, following the swell of her breasts and the defined groove along her midline. And lower still when she heard Aria’s breaths grow shallower. Her touch hesitated over her core, pressed too lightly to the fabric that preserved her modesty.

Her mind filled with all sorts of wicked, sinful thoughts about what they could do in the dark. Salena needn’t know what happened between them. She could settle between Aria’s thighs and remind her of how she felt while riding her tongue. The darkest parts of her reveled in the idea of showing her everything she had learned over the years. Her core pulsed at the idea of ruining Aria for anyone else—in showing her that no one knew her pussy like she did.

If she weren’t convinced that her fantasy would play out more like a horror if she made an attempt, she might have pulled open the door and padded down the hall. But, instead, she settled on listening to her. To those beautiful, lyrical sounds that she remembered too vividly. And those whimpers that had carved themselves into her soul.

No one had ever compared to her. Not the memory of her, and certainly not to her in the flesh.

Eli’s eyes fluttered closed as she tucked her fingers into her panties. She wasn’t surprised to find herself drenched and too sensitive to her touch. Slowly, she traced circles over her clit. With barely a sigh of a touch, her hips arched off the wall, her thighs tensed, and her insides thrummed in an unsteady rhythm. Her free hand slid up her middle, dipping beneath her shirt to caress her breast. She wasn’t gentle in how she pinched her nipple, twisting it slightly as if to punish herself for this voyeuristic indulgence.

Eli knew the exact moment that Aria filled herself. She knew that trembled, squeaked gasp like she knew her own. Her eyes practically rolled back at the mental image it created. And then, they did when she followed suit, filling herself with two fingers while her palm pressed to her clit.

Her end came abruptly. Suddenly. Too violently. Eli was embarrassed by how easily she had come undone. She slumped against the wall, shivering and far too sensitive to continue touching herself to pretend that she hadn’t come unraveled so soon.

Her hands fell out of her clothes, flopping limply at her sides. Her mind was blank, except for listening to Aria climb higher. Her cheeks burned with the realization that she would have been satisfied just to hear her come undone.

She waited with a giddy sort of anticipation for it.

And just when she thought it would arrive, Aria plateaued. And then lost her edge.

It was a cycle she repeated for what felt like a lifetime.

With a certain measure of schadenfreude, she realized Aria couldn’t come. Likely because she hadn’t been fucked well in years.

Eli weighed her options. She should be trying to escape. But the thought of having Aria again, of seeing her, was too much for her to turn down. Her body moved of its own volition, adopting a succubus’ sway as she quietly opened the door and made her way down the hall.

Aria was stunning in the dull lights—spread wide on the couch with her heels pressed into the couch cushions. A toy was buried deep inside her, soaked and stretched but unmoving as her other hand moved in rapid circles, teasing the sensitive bundle of nerves with her vibrator. Her shirt was nudged up, giving Eli the most delightful view of the taut lines of her stomach and the way her skin stretched so beautifully over her expanding ribcage. The redhead kept her lip trapped between her teeth as she threw her head back in near-painful rapture. Eli recognized the shake in her thighs and the trembling hitch in her breath. She was close. So very, very close. Just not there. 

“Want some help?”

To her credit, Aria didn’t jump out of her skin or scream in terror. Instead, she opened her eyes slowly, her cheeks an almost impossible shade of red. Her knees turned inward to shield herself, but it was clear she knew it was an exercise in futility. Much to Eli’s delight, she didn’t bother trying to cover herself beyond her cursory flinch.

“I have a girlfriend.”

It wasn’t a “no.” 

“No touching,” Eli said as she stepped forward—just an inch—and held her hands up. 

“Then how are you planning on helping me?”

Eli smiled. It still wasn’t a “no.”

“I’ll tell you how.”

“How what?” Aria asked, her thighs parting ever-so-slightly as her blush died. 

“I’ll tell you how to fuck yourself.”

Her words had an immediate effect. Aria’s blush crawled down her neck, disappearing beneath the neckline of her shirt. 

“Do you want me to tell you how to make yourself come, Aria?” She asked, her eyes darting to her trembling pussy and then back up to meet hers. 

“Pl-please,” Aria stammered, her voice barely above a whisper. “I need to… so bad…”

“I know, babe,” Eli purred, slinking into a seat on the coffee table opposite the couch. She positioned herself between Aria’s legs, giving her a slow-roving once-over. Eli felt her own core tighten at the sight of her. Up close, it was easy to see how soaked she was. “Fuck the vibe,” Eli said, her eyes dancing up her frame to meet Aria’s.

Dutifully, she nodded and dropped the vibrator onto the couch. 

“Give your gorgeous little pussy a break, hm?”

Aria made a soft, whimpered sound in response. She caught her lip between her teeth and nodded.

“Use your fingers for me,” Eli breathed, bracing her elbow on her knee and holding her chin in her palm.

Almost too slowly, the redhead began to toy with herself. She started a slow, purposeful path around her clit, tormenting herself by refusing to touch herself directly.

“It seems you remember how I used my tongue,” Eli teased.

Aria flushed, her hand falling to her sex to cover herself. “Eli, I’m..”

“You’re dripping fucking wet and have to come. We both know I fucked you brainless. Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean that you lost your whole fucking memory.” Eli gritted, swatting her thigh lightly to force them to part. She wanted her show. “Rub your clit like I used to lick you.”

It seemed that whatever shame she felt was too easily replaced with mindless desperation. She indulged Eli’s request, tracing familiar paths with shaking fingers. It wasn’t long before her hips bucked. 

“Now put your feet on either side of me,” she purred, “I want your ass hanging off the couch.”

Eli’s pussy pulsed with the realization that Aria moved with an eagerness she had never seen before. They were both so young the last time they were together. Both lacked experience. And now, she realized, Aria was desperate to be bossed around. Her mind clouded with images of pinning her down and fucking her into the couch—watching as she rode her cock into blissful oblivion.

Easy now, Eli.

She fisted her hands on her thighs, digging her fingernails into her palms to keep herself from acting on impulse. The full moon was coming, and with its siren’s song came the mournful howl of her Beast. Her control was already precarious. Aria pushed it to its limits.

Especially now, with her shivering thighs and glistening cunt just within tasting distance. It took everything within her power not to reach for the dildo and begin fucking her with it. Watching how her body arched, how her chest bounced with every forceful thrust into her. 

“You look so fucking good like this, Aria,” she growled. Her tongue darted over her lips as she leaned closer, thoroughly enjoying the sight of her. “Fuck yourself. Slow. Hard.” 

Aria nodded breathlessly, her lips parting in a heady, surprised moan. Her eyes fluttered back as she did as instructed, rocking her ass back with every rough pump of the toy. Eli shifted, squeezing her thighs together as she watched Aria’s pleasure—how she opened and stretched to accommodate her toy. How she yielded to her.

Well, not her. The memory of her.

The whimsy of the moment was temporarily soured, replaced with a strange, frantic desire to leave Aria desperate for more.

“Faster, gorgeous,” she purred. “Fuck yourself faster for me. Like that time I had you bent over.”

Aria squeaked in response, her eyes fluttering open to lock on hers. “Over my desk?” 

“Mhm,” she smiled glibly. 

Aria’s eyes rolled back, her arm a blur of movement. It wasn’t long before her moans grew a bit louder and more unrestrained. 

“That’s it, baby,” Eli growled, leaning forward to brace her hands on either side of Aria’s hips. “Fuck yourself for me. Are you going to come for me?” 

Aria swallowed hard and nodded, her eyes shut tight, her expression screwed up in concentration. 

“I want you to come all over my cock. I want you to scream for me,” Eli said, caging her against the couch. “I want to turn the floor into a fucking slip and slide. Do you hear me?” 

Aria squeaked again, her thighs twitching, tensing reflexively. 

“Come for me,” Eli snarled. “Come on, baby. Be a good girl.” 

With Eli’s permission, Aria came unraveled. A breathless, relieved cry escaped her as she arched off the couch. Aria’s thighs tensed around Eli’s hips, holding her still and then tugging her closer.

Eli collapsed forward and braced against the couch’s back, barely able to keep herself held up with Aria’s legs wrapped so tightly around her.

“J-Jesus fucking Christ,” Aria whispered. “I haven’t come like that in years.”

“I wonder why that might be.”

Eli should have left. She should have taken advantage of this moment of boneless, oversexed haze and left, but something kept her from escaping.

Eli didn’t want to admit it was because Aria had pulled her in.

Which was likely why the redhead looked so hurt when Eli detangled herself and made her way back to the room. Eli had the last word and a pair of terribly-soaked panties for her efforts.

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