Review: As You Wish by Kimberly Ann

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you’ve been around for a while, you undoubtedly recognize the name Kimberly Ann. I first found her through her Logan Creek series (whose reviews can be found here) and haven’t been able to put her down since!

As You Wish is a rent-a-date Christmas novella with strong love-at-first-sight vibes. This is my first “rent-a-date” experience, and I have to admit, it’s quite cute! Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me tell you a bit about what this story is about.

Hannah Williams used to be obsessed with Christmas until her ex-boyfriend (and co-worker) got engaged barely five minutes (I’m exaggerating, but it was really soon) after breaking her heart. With the encouragement of her best friend, Hannah decides to do something completely out of character and hire a rent-a-date for the company’s Christmas party. Enter Josh Roberts, a down-on-his-luck (but not out) country star who capitalizes on his good looks and gentlemanly demeanor to make ends meet. Their connection is instantaneous and intense, making the office Christmas party a night to remember. In more ways than one, as that night sets a chain of unfortunate events into motion. Events that will either tether them together or tear them apart.

I will start by saying that I, by nature, am not about a quick burn. I prefer slow burns that take time to grow. As I’ve stated before, I try to remain impartial while reviewing because my personal preferences do not reflect on the story itself. Even still, it should be noted that, despite not enjoying this particular trope, I still sincerely enjoyed As You Wish.

What I’ve always loved about Kimberly Ann’s writing is that there is a strong undertone of facing inner demons and standing up to the ones who hurt you. It’s too often that we see kind main characters (particularly women) being portrayed as meek or in need of protection from their counterparts (often male). Kimberly focuses on giving these women backbones and allows them to find their power, and that, to me, makes her a worthwhile author to keep coming back to. This carefully struck balance makes these characters feel real and worth rooting for.

This is a cute, cozy, quick read for anyone who is looking for a bit of romance to liven up their holiday. Or even to get them in the holiday spirit! 

I’m not one to revisit books, but I can see myself picking this up again as a pick-me-up.

Have you read Kimberly Ann before? If not, do you find yourself reading holiday-themed books? Do you read by season? I’d love to know your thoughts! Feel free to comment in the comment section below!

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