Meet The Character: Karina

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The Basics

Name: Karina Levy

Nickname(s): Rina

Age: Early thirties

Faction/Group/Species: Newly turned Werewolf, no pack

Place of Birth: Surfside, Florida (suburb outside of Miami)

Current Residence: Pleasant Valley, NY

Occupation: General Manager (Previously a DA)


D e s c r i p t i o n

Karina has never been a particularly soft-spoken person. She is direct, matter-of-fact. She is not known for beating around the bush. Honesty was a virtue that was instilled in her in a very young age. It’s one of the cornerstones of her identity. A lie is one of the gravest sins in her opinion, which people might find strange, given her previous profession. 

Karina pursued law because she felt passionate about giving voices to the voiceless. She did many pro bono cases – and made a few enemies along the way. In her prime, she could be considered pretty cut throat. Though, since the accident she has learned the value in being calm.

While being quite progressive and liberal-minded, she can be considered rather traditional. Having grown up with the quintessential American family, she finds herself desperate for the same lifestyle. A beautiful home, a white picket fence, two and a half kids. She’s very forthcoming about her wants for the future and has, in the past, terminated relationships if it was clear their futures didn’t align. Very early on, she learned that there was nothing worse than wasting her time.

At first, she can come across as shy. However, nothing could be further from the truth. She prefers to “read the room” before revealing much of herself. There are people she immediately feels like she can be herself with and others who her subconscious warn her about. Over the years, she has learned to trust her gut. Though, after the accident she’s having difficulties tapping into that instinct.

The incident brought with it a life altering head trauma that obliterated the bulk of her short term memory. Unfortunately, the nature of her injury makes her prone to bouts of strong emotion. She lacks the same ability she once had to control her emotions or rationalize them. A situation that is only exacerbated by her newfound affliction.


  • Control Freak
  • Can Be A Bit Obsessive
  • Difficulty Letting Things Go
  • Self-Conscious of her Nose/Height (Not a flaw, but these are her perceived flaws)


  • Large bodies of water
  • Water related activities (swimming, boating, etc.)
  • She likes cooking/experimenting in the kitchen


  • Humidity
  • Hiking/Camping
  • Carrots
  • Doing the dishes


  • Not getting back to “normal”
  • Figuring out what happened to her
  • [ Redacted ]


  • Her flashbacks and their increasing intensity
  • [ Redacted ]


  • To be able to resume a ‘normal life’ doing all of the things she did before the accident
  • To create harmony between herself and her Werewolf
  • To someday be well enough to have a family


  • Picks at her nails/nail polish
  • Wiggling the tip of her nose when stressed
  • Plays with her jewelry (earrings/necklace)


  • Puzzles
  • Gymnastics (used to teach classes during summer break through college)
  • Recently has gotten into gardening


  • Her favorite color is robin’s egg blue
  • Favorite flowers: Columbine and Nigella


T h e  B a s i c s


  • Hayk Levy (Father)
  • Jemma Levy (Mother)
  • Eva Levy (Baby Sister)

Major Events

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of Florida
  • Was engaged previous to the accident
  • Was turned
  • Moved to Pleasant Valley after being referred by someone else like her


  • J.D.
H i s t o r y

Karina’s childhood was relatively normal. She had two parents who loved her very much – a brat of a baby sister who made her life far more difficult than necessary. As a girl, she was quite gangly. Her face was a bit too narrow, her cheekbones too high, nose too large, and her chin too square. Her eyes seemed to be squinted, as if she was always looking at the sun. Her affection for books and the knowledge that laid within made her a target for her classmates. It wasn’t until late in her high school career she hit her stride. She grew into her frame, and accepted her more ethnic features as being beautiful. Confidence blossomed and as her graduation loomed on the horizon, she started to feel like she could take on the world.

Her college experience was no different than anyone else’s. She partook in the late night cram sessions and general stupid drunken debauchery. Karina truly came into her own during her college education. 

She successfully passed the bar on her first attempt. It was difficult to get her foot in the door, but eventually she managed to procure her first job. She had been with the same firm since graduation and had been steadily climbing her way up the ladder. There were rumors of her becoming the youngest partner.

Until it all came to a violent, grinding halt.

Karina doesn’t remember what happened. The days before the accident were a blur. All she had were text messages. Plans to meet with friends. But she wasn’t meant to be anywhere near the pier that day. She awoke, unaware of where she was or how she got there. All she knew was that she was in egregious pain. The sort she felt she couldn’t survive.

The recovery was a long one. One worsened by a stranger’s voice inside her head. She was unaware of what she had become until she had been brought to a strange, underground part of the hospital and the transformation began. The nurse told her about her distant cousin – about a place in upstate New York. He’d held her – she had been reassured. 

Desperate to find answers and to understand what happened to her, she sought out the nurse’s cousin. His name was Avery, as, at it turned out, she was far from the first of her kind to stumble into his life. He was gracious, allowing her to wiggle herself into a position as a manager in garage. They began working closely together to not only gain control of the beast within her, but to also recover the memories that have escaped her.

Physical Description

Complexion: Deep Tan

Eye Color: Gray

Hair: Naturally brown, but lightened

Height: 5’7″

Build: Athletic, top heavy

Distinguishing Marks: Bite mark over her breast, a hideous scar hidden in her hairline from the fall, a tattoo of a lily on her left wrist

Style: Professional, dark academia

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