Meet The Character: Avery

Hello, hello, hello! Remember how I said I would be writing a romance story in the blog? The time has come to get the ball rolling!

I’m taking a bit of time to do some pre-writing. For the next few weeks, I’ll be posting some “flavor” blogs to give you guys a sneak peek of what is in store!

Let’s start by getting you acquainted with your new book boyfriend, Avery!

The Basics

Name: Avery Locke

Nicknames: N/A

Age: Late 50s (Stopped Aging)

Faction/Group/Species: Werewolf, Grim Moon Pack

Place of Birth: Pleasant Valley, NY

Current Residence: Pleasant Valley, NY

Occupation: Business Owner: “Ace of Brakes” (Car Garage)


D e s c r i p t i o n

Avery has always been the sort of person who would do anything to bring a smile to someone’s face. Some might call him the ‘class clown’. If asked, he’d say he was far from the funniest. Far from fun, even. All claims that are untrue.

That’s just part of his nature. Humble to a fault.

Avery, simply, doesn’t even have enough time for pride. Every waking moment of every day is packed full of something. If it isn’t work-related, it’s something with the Pack. If he’s not preoccupied with either of those two full time jobs, he’s glued to his grandson’s hip. 

Family is what matters the most to him. Blood, and the one that is chosen.

Unfortunately, he has been known to be a bit of a doormat from time to time. He’s easily taken advantage of once his loyalty and affection have been given. Over the years, that has proven to be far more easily. It’s almost as if he has somehow learned the art of becoming ‘un-jaded’. 

Despite being quite well liked, and pursued by the fairer sex, he hasn’t dated anyone since his wife Anya passed away. It seems that he’s ready to move on, but his awkward ‘everyone’s best friend’ vibes make an already difficult situation feel near impossible.


  • Reserved when it comes to his own feelings
  • Self-sacrificing
  • Difficulty separating ‘work’ and personal life


  • Old cars
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Hiking/Camping


  • Feet
  • Overly flowery smells
  • Dirty cars


  • Losing control
  • Damaging his relationship with his daughter
  • The direction he thinks Grim Moon is going


  • He is dissatisfied with Grim Moon and its leadership
  • He has helped a wolf defect and leave Grim Moon behind
  • [ REDACTED ]


  • To be the greatest grandfather alive (he already is)
  • To help as many new Werewolves as possible
  • To help turn Grim Moon toward a better direction


  • Bouncing his leg while sitting still
  • Stroking his chin while reading/distracted
  • [ REDACTED ]


  • Landscape Painting
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Baking


  • Lemon blueberry anything
  • Tea
  • Favorite color is green


T h e  B a s i c s 


  • Kenan Locke – Father
  • Janine Locke – Mother
  • Kennedy Locke – Eldest Brother
  • Lindsey Locke – Younger Sister
  • Anya Locke – Late Wife
  • Natalie Locke – Daughter
  • Jason Locke – Grandson

Major Events

  • Shotgun wedding
  • Having Natalie
  • Being Turned
  • Finding Grim Moon
  • Opening up the garage
  • Obtaining his position within the Pack


  • High School Diploma
  • “Best Dad Ever” and “Coolest Grandpa Ever” Mugs
H i s t o r y

Avery’s childhood was wholly unremarkable. He was born the middle child of three, all tightly packed together. Their parents had grand ambitions of getting all of their children out of the way as early as possible. He boasted no real trauma, beyond what was typical of children his age. However, his father’s distant demeanor had fostered a strange desire to be wanted. Needed. His relationship with his eldest brother, Kennedy, was particularly strained during his adolescent years. He was the carbon copy of their father. Allergic to feelings. However, they did bond over their shared desperate desire to keep their baby sister, Lindsay, safe. 

He acquired a ‘class clown’ reputation. He always had something smart to fire back. He neither excelled nor failed in school. He was perfectly middle of the road. Though he was just bright enough that the teachers never stopped harping him on how he should ‘apply himself just a bit more’.

During his high school career, he met and fell in love with a girl named Anya. She had wild hair and bright eyes — a smile that could light up the whole room. She was just as wild-hearted as he was and the two began an on-again-off-again relationship. During one of the times they were on-again after high school, he was informed that she was pregnant. 

Up until that point, he had been happy working his job at a local car garage and frittering away his spendings on booze and cigarettes. The moment he found out that he was going to be a father, everything changed. He knuckled down and began focusing on being the best version of himself he could be. A few weeks later, they were married — a shotgun wedding, as was fitting of the time.

His turning was a nonsensical thing. A freak accident while he was on one of his precious few camp outings with his childhood friends. He was caught up in the woods while the others sat around the fire. Fortunately enough, they were able to get him to the hospital to get him stitched up before he could bleed out. Naively, he had believed he had experienced the worst of it. Until a month later when his body made changes of its own volition — and this creature emerged from his insides and ate the flesh he had shed while he watched.

He knew what he was. Even if he lacked the knowledge of what it all meant. He had seen plenty of supernatural horrors to know what sort of monster he had become. He did his best to hide his secret, but his shortened temper and sudden strangeness had earned his wife’s attention. Blessedly, she was a part of the same world that had drawn him in and was able to point him into the direction of people who could help. Grim Moon. 

The beast and he bonded quite quickly over their shared desire to keep his daughter, Natalie, safe. Once he had mastered the basic ability to keep himself composed, everything was relatively smooth sailing from there. 

His grandfather passed away a few months later, leaving he and his siblings with a sizable inheritance. With that money, he opened up his own garage and quickly became the go-to place in town. Not that it was particularly hard. The only other garage was owned and operated by the village drunk. 

For a long while, his life was quite satisfying. He wanted for nothing. He had love, he had a family, he had comfortability. Unfortunately, his wife’s health took a rather dramatic turn for the worst. Natalie lost her mother before she was even a teenager. 

He did the best he could to fill those shoes, but he knew that he would never be the mother she needed. Lindsay, his youngest sister, quickly came to the rescue, giving her every ounce of attention Natalie could ever ask for. 

His relationship with his brother eventually mended — shortly after the loss of his wife, Kennedy had reached out to him. The eldest of the three had softened with the birth of his own children. 

After Anya’s passing, his life became entirely about Natalie. About her interests, her passions. He did everything he could to give her the life she deserved. When he wasn’t fretting over her he was entrenched in Pack business and work. He has kept himself remarkably busy. Especially with having earned himself a distinguished position within the Pack.

Physical Description

Complexion: Caucasian, often boasting an unfortunate tan line from where his shirt sits

Eye Color: Piercing blue 

Hair: Dark, often roguishly untidy

Facial Hair: Perpetually donning a salt and pepper five o’clock shadow

Height: 6’4”

Build: Brick shit house – Tall, wide, well-muscled

Distinguishing Marks: A claw mark along his left rib cage

Style: Salt of the Earth, Every Man

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