Review: Prick’d by Layne Daniels

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Prick’d” is the third installment of Layne Daniel’s “Vices and Vows” series. (Feel free to read my review on “Vice’d” and “Poke’d“, as well).

In this story, we follow Stella and Marshall. Stella is a barely functioning adult who only really has a handle on her professional life as a tattoo artist. She awakes in a stranger’s bed, unaware of how she got there. It’s clear that great care was taken — her clothes are intact, her phone charging and set tidily beside her. Upon further inspection, she realizes there’s a note. One explaining that she had been drugged the night before and saved by Detective Marshall. 

Their relationship takes a turn when Marshall’s protective nature gets the best of him. Their relationship blossoms into a DD/lg (Daddy Dom, Little Girl) dynamic as they begin an investigation into what happened the night they found each other. 

I really did enjoy this story! Which, I feel like is a testament to the story itself, given that DD/lg doesn’t particularly interest me. I enjoyed this heavier plot — I much prefer when the relationship develops alongside another story arc. 

I would have rated this a solid five stars, but there were a few points that asked me to suspend reality a bit more than I was willing to. Largely when Marshall spoke in a possessive way in front of Vice’s father, who, for all intents and purposes, fills a paternal role to Stella (in the non-kink context). I had flashbacks to my father and really was surprised that Marshall didn’t wind up on his backside by the throat. The dialogue in general was a bit rough around the edges and it was hard to imagine anyone saying some of the stuff without devolving into giggle fits. 

The third installment does end on a cliffhanger, and we are meant to wait for Jill’s story to learn more about Stella’s assailant. 

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with this series and quite invested. I will definitely be picking up the books as they come out!

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