“Lucy’s B&B” by Remy Fisher

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you’ve been with me from the beginning, you’d know that the first review I posted on this blog was for Remy Fisher’s Blaire’s Decision. For that reason (and of course, the fact that I loved the book), Fisher’s BlackRock Valley series holds a special place in my heart. And, full disclosure, I think that Remy is a wonderful person as well. Today, we’ll be covering the second installment, Lucy’s B&B.

Bias aside, I promise this review — like all my reviews — is subjective. All that being said, let’s get into it!

Lucy has happily been running her B&B in a small, desert town. She inherited the business from her family and has since made it her life’s work. Work she finds incredibly fulfilling. Holden, a visitor to BlackRock, ends up catching her attention in ways she couldn’t have anticipated. He’s a bit quiet about his reasons for being there — but he’s far from quiet in his own interest for her.

It should be noted that the author does advise that while this book can be read as a standalone, to not read out of order if the want is to read Blaire’s Decision as Lucy’s B&B contains spoilers. 

Anyway, if you’ve read Blaire’s Decision, you’ll recognize Lucy and her B&B. It is such a wholesome, heart-warming story about two people falling in love — two people brought together seemingly by fate. The writing was beautiful, the character development was, too. I liked this “right place, right time” story. 

This is an easy five out of five stars for me!

My only criticism/critique is based wholly on personal preference. This note is exclusively meant for people who share the same tastes as I do. There was one scene in particular where there was a lot of head-hopping in rapid succession. It was meant to show what both characters were simultaneously doing, in their own scenes. For me, those sorts of scenes are incredibly hard to flip back and forth between. Especially with how short those little excerpts were. It’s just a bit too jumpy for me personally. But! All that being said! It was only the one scene, and it is a powerful story-telling device that really could enhance the scene for some readers for those who enjoy it.

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Have you read anything from the BlackRock Valley series? I would love to know your thoughts! Do you have any theories about who might be next? 

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