“Flame for You” by Raleigh Damson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Flame For You is the first installment of Raleigh Damson’s Bandit Brothers Series, and debut novel. I had the privilege of being on the ARC team for this book and boy do I have some thoughts.

I’ve reviewed a few BDSM books on my blog in the past. But, I will be the first person to admit that I am not that particularly well-versed in this particular genre of romance. That being said, if the rest of the series is like this? Sign me up.

Simone Roberts is a rising interior design star who finds herself under the arresting stare of Quinn Walsh at her friend’s wedding. They find themselves wrapped up in a whirlwind romance — or rather, sexcapades. Simone isn’t looking for a relationship, especially after having had the mother of all disappointing marriages to haunt her recent memory. And Quinn… Well, Quinn was planning on leaving town and his former life as a private operative. He was desperate to escape the ghosts of his past when a strange twist of fate leads to a folder with her name and picture, quite literally into his lap. It’s then he realizes that she’s in danger. Something about her calls out to him, and it becomes his personal mission to keep him safe. Even if his secrecy drives them apart.

Damson did a wonderful job depicting the characters in an approachable and believable way. I never once had to stop and wonder about the authenticity of their actions or how they came together. Their love story seemed to be effortless. A yin-and-yang sort of duo that can’t really be achieved without beautiful writing.

I don’t have much else to say beyond that I’m hooked, and I am greatly looking forward to reading the rest of the Bandit Brothers series!

You can find Raleigh Damson here: books2readGoodreads, Instagram, and their newsletter!

Do you plan on reading Flame For You? Or have you already picked it up? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below! 

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