Review: Flame for Two by Raleigh Damson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As you may or may not remember, I reviewed the first book of the Bandit Brothers series, Flame For You, a while ago! I said it then, and I’ll say it now, I loved this book. 

I’m a bit late on the drop with this book (it debuted on May 10th). But, unfortunately, I was late to the ARC sign-up, and my May schedule was already determined. Happy belated book birthday, Raleigh Damson!

Now that we’ve gotten through the introductions, let me tell you a little bit about this book. 

Harper Blake is the assistant to the über-wealthy and brilliant Xander Montague. Their history is long and rife with heartache as Xander rescued Harper from a fate worse than death when she was in her late teens. For obvious reasons, Xander has a “hands-off” approach to Harper, despite how he craves her. An approach he learns to regret — perhaps, even loathe — when Logan Marrock steps onto the scene. He’s brighter, bolder, and very much so enamored by Harper. Enough to pursue her in ways that Xander is too afraid to. Their relationship blossoms, morphing into a push and pull of what the heart wants. The question remains: what does she do when her heart burns for both?

I will start off the review by saying that there are some content warnings to be mindful of: references to prostitution/child trafficking, age gap, general fantasy violence, and in-character/in-bedroom degradation. And if you’re like me: feet.

First, I have to say that I do love Bandit Brothers as a series. I’ve looked forward to getting to know the characters as we meet them, and reading their stories. I love the balance of kink and the overarching storylines that surround a private security company. It’s difficult to keep those two plot lines going without sacrificing the other, and I have to admit, I’m impressed with how Damson balances these developments.

I especially love the contrast between the characters. Xander, dark, brooding, and conflicted. Logan, by comparison, is infinitely more open and cheery. It’s easy to see why Harper would want both, given that they provide a balance that she desperately needs. And with two strong archetypes, it’s painfully clear that, with monogamy on the mind, she’d never truly be satisfied with one or the other.

I can’t delve too much further without spoiling the contents of Flame For Two, but I definitely think it is worth the read! I have read a few other BDSM books and reviewed them for this blog, but Damson’s stories make me want to come back for more! There are some elements to this particular story that wasn’t to my taste — I have a hard time with a lot of age gap, and degradation play — but I was able to appreciate the appeal with how Raleigh wrote this one! 

You can find Raleigh Damson: books2readGoodreadsInstagram, and their newsletter!

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