Lips on My Heart by M.J. Marino

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hi, hello. Lips on My Heart is my first MC Romance, and I can’t say that I’m at all disappointed. I have been following the lovely M.J. Marino on Instagram for quite a while now. I’ve been following her content, desperately waiting for a break in my TBR pile to be able to justify adding more books. The occasion finally arose when I went on vacation in December. I downloaded every single book in the Mercy Ravens MC series (which, at the time of writing this was four titles). 

I said as much in an Instagram comment and was warned that she was not responsible if anyone looked over on the plane and saw what I was reading. In hindsight, I’m very, very glad that I was finishing another book on the flight 😂 So, yes friend. It’s spicy. If you’re prone to blushing, I would not recommend reading this in public. 

So what’s it about? 

Josephine is a transplant to the area, having fled her hometown and old life when her ex-boyfriend took credit for her work to steal a promotion from beneath her. In true spineless-fuck-knuckle fashion, he proceeded to have her professionally blacklisted when she called off the relationship. She’s been working tirelessly to build herself, and her business from the ground up. Opportunities are easier to find in this new place — including a pending contract with the Mercy Ravens MC. She’s no stranger to working with the roughest and toughest (after all, she’s gotta start somewhere), but Mercy Ravens MC proves to be a bit of a tough one when she realizes the club president, Maceo “Atlas” Tabares, happens to be a familiar face. A one-night-stand. Or rather, one-romp-in-the-woods-stand. 

As a general rule, I’m not the biggest fan of insta-love. It takes a lot to sell me on the story, regardless of how open I am. I knew that Marino writes insta-love before I picked up this book, but what I wasn’t braced for was how much I would enjoy their story. Maceo and Josephine have absolutely deniable chemistry. The sort of chemistry that makes you believe that they could easily forego logic and reasoning, and allow passion to take control. 

The writing was beautiful — the character development was amazing. Overall, it was a joy to read. If steamy, insta-love, MC romances are your thing, you would be remiss to not pick up this book and give this series a try!

You can find M.J. Marino here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, Tiktok, and her author’s website.

Have you read the Mercy Ravens series? Sound off in the comments down below! I would love to know what you think!

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