Reading the Rainbow Reviews!

Hey everyone! Happy pride month! 

I’m so excited to be telling you about this project!

For the entire month of June, I’ll be showcasing LGBTQ+ authors in my reviews to celebrate pride month. 

I’ve also tagged up with a group of reviewers to start a little project called Reading the Rainbow Reviews! Our goal is to showcase lesser-known indie/self-published queer authors. We’ve been working (reading) non-stop for the past month to ensure we can showcase as many queer authors as possible during the month of June! 

You can find us on Instagram and Twitter

If you’re interested in submitting a book for our consideration, you can fill out the form here! Our cut-offs for submissions are June 11th!

We are also looking for queer authors who would be interested in donating their books for a giveaway! You can submit your request here!

We are also hosting a fundraiser for the Trevor Project (a non-profit that seeks to minimize the suicide rate of LGBTQ+ teens). 

Your help is greatly appreciated! Whether that be through following, sharing, submitting, or donating! Let’s make this Pride Month amazing for indie authors!

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