Personal: Checking In!

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with you guys! First and foremost, how are you? I’d love to know how you’re doing in the comments below!

I’m doing well, all things considered! On a personal note, one of my dogs is getting up in her years, and we’ve been dealing with some new developments in relation to her health. Don’t worry; she’s still as spunky as ever! She’s just an old, old bean, now!

I wrote a bit at the end of June about slowing down. I was on the brink of burnout (if not already dangling over the cliff). I decided that I needed to start prioritizing myself and my self-care. Above all, I needed to rekindle my love of writing. I needed to find ease in it again.

Which, I’m pleased to announce I have managed to do that. I have prioritized my self-care and my mental health. I’ve even started meditating! Two months is still too soon to see if this is a permanent change for the better, but I have the sneaking suspicion that I’ve found the formula for what works for me. At the very least, I’m heading in the right direction!

I mentioned in “Slowing Down” that I wouldn’t publish as much as I was. Looking back on it, I’m amazed I managed to do everything needed for a book release in that short amount of time. I mean, I published: Home Sweet Hell, Night Terror, The Way Ahead, Dreamwalker, Don’t Say “I Do”, and Redemption, as well as Escaping the Devil (a blog exclusive), Grim Tide (Vella), and The Fall (Vella).

That’s nine whole books in one year. Trust me, even I’m surprised (and mildly disgusted) with myself!

So, it likely won’t be as shocking to hear that I’m planning on scaling it way back in these next twelve months. I intend to publish a modest three books this year (I know some of my author friends are waiting in line to strangle me right about now).

What am I planning on publishing next?

  • the last Dark Paths book
  • a new contemporary lesbian fiction
  • the next Between Salvation and Damnation book

Stay tuned for more updates on that front!

I’m writing at the moment!

I’ve been having a lot of fun just sitting down and writing. I feel like I’m able to dedicate more time to writing how and what I want to. This past year, I feel like I’ve made incredible strides as a writer and a storyteller. I’m hoping to continue to get better with every new book.

Most of you will probably roll your eyes when you hear that, technically, I’m writing two new books at once.

But listen, one is the next installment of Escaping the Devil (stay tuned to hear more about that).

The next is the third installment of my Vella series (that runs parallel to the Dark Paths series).

Did I mention I’m on Patreon?

Well, I am! And thus far, it’s been a complete blast. Right now, we’re running a choose-your-own-adventure-style story. It’s a lesbian menage-a-trois, featuring fun tropes like: enemies to lovers, rivals to lovers, cursed, coming out, and maybe a few more surprise ones thrown in the way! It’s a dark academia supernatural romance. If you want to join the fun (and unlock a bunch of perks), you can subscribe to my Patreon, here!

Also, for you non-US readers, I am posting my Vella chapters on my Patreon!

All in all, things are pretty good!

Thank you all for your support and your understanding during this process. It takes a while to figure out what works best. I have been overwhelmed by how wonderful, and supportive the bookish community has been. You all are awesome, and I hope you know that you’ve changed my life.

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