Escaping The Devil: Chapter Three

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This chapter is NSFW! This chapter is rated Mature for adult language, sexual content, references to graphic violence. This means that this is intended for audiences 18 and up.

Content Warning: Spice

She felt him slither under her skin. His decay branched out, filling her veins, pulsing with every deadened thump of her heart. He consumed her. Bore down on her with venomous teeth, gnawing, taking – always taking.

He left her before the sun came up. The warmth of his body left no sense of absence in her bed. Eli laid still, barely breathing, waiting for the Devil to leave her lair. When the door clicked open and the soft light from the hallway filtered into her apartment, she finally felt like she could breathe again. With anxious quickness, she stripped his stain from her bed. Sheets crumpled up and tossed to the floor.

The temptation was there to light them on fire. To watch as the flames cleansed them — and her — of a night spent lying in bed, motionless. She’d welcome the inferno, allow it to consume every inch of her until she was as blackened as his touch made her. If there was any rightness left in the world, she’d be immortalized as a statue of ash. Disintegrating, picked up by the winds and carried somewhere new. Better.

Anyplace was better than here. 

In place of flames, she found herself beneath the scalding hot water of her shower. She scrubbed her flesh pink and pinker still until scarlet welts covered her arms, her legs, and their aching apex. Landyn had punished her. Because it was what he deserved, he said. Because she needed to learn, he purred. Because she challenged him, made him lesser. After all, he was the King, and she was little more than a lowly Queen. So she’d take a knee. Or he’d make her.

Her insides protested the notion of breakfast, despite the array Landyn had sent up to her. Her favorites. Strange how someone so cold could be so attentive.

With a thousand-yard-stare, she picked at what was left for her, consuming only what would be considered polite.

The day after he took her, she always spent in a daze. She did her best to forget his ragged breathing. The way he looked at her. The way his hands bruised, his hips tormented.

Solace was found at the bottom of overpriced bottles and finely ground powder burning its way up her nose. Even still, it did nothing to chase away the hurt. It numbed it. For a while.

No one dared bother her. Each visit came with it a tempest. Her emotions swung like the pendulum between despair and outrage. Heaven’s Grace couldn’t even save her from the hellfire she unleashed. Bottles broken, fists met flesh. And sometimes, the need to be claimed by someone else consumed her, igniting an irrational burning desire to take back her control. To watch as her lovers shattered, bent, broke. To see them plead in the same way she had. Once upon a time.

Eli had lost track of the hours as she stared out her window at the Strip. It wasn’t until the sun disappeared behind the horizon that she came back to herself. 

She had grieved. It was time to move on.

Throwing back another glass of whiskey, she readied herself for the evening. There was only one person she wanted to see. A ray of sunshine in an otherwise overcast world. She dressed hurriedly, slipping into black, well-loved jeans and a matching black silk shirt. She kept it partially open, rebelling against Landyn’s “rules,” such as they were. A harness coiled its way between her breasts, weaving in intricate knots across her cleavage and along her neck. She knew that if he were to see her like this, he would have balked – demanded she put on something more modest. Over and over in her mind, she fabricated their conversation. Perhaps today would be the day she would tell him he was lucky she wore a bra with it. 

It was easier to play pretend. Easier to create a heroine that would save her from the Devil’s lair. 

The guards at her door offered polite nods as she emerged, both seemingly relieved to see the smile on her lips. Her lover watched her, his expression betraying concern they both knew he shouldn’t feel. “Boys,” she greeted, her eyes locked on his for just a hair too long. “See you tonight.”

They shared another nod, her lips curling in a half-affectionate smile as she made her way down the hallway. The elevator door chimed as it opened, welcoming her into its iron safety. 

The doors closed, and she made her descent.


Yuina moved in time with the music, her perfect, petite curves begging to be traced. Eli watched her with rapt attention, her eyes sweeping appraisingly over every inch of her. The small breasts, whose perfect, taut nipples begged to be nipped. The delicious line down the center of her tummy that served as a map to the delightful heat between her thighs. With her lip caught between her teeth, her dancer pulled back to study her face – and, in turn, Eli studied hers. Hooded, honey-brown eyes surrounded by thick lashes. A full, heart-shaped mouth she had seen snarling in ecstasy too many times to count. 

Eli let out an amused chuckle as Yuina leaned forward, caging her against the seat. Her dark hair created a curtain around them as their lips met. They had hidden away in one of the private rooms, protected by a thick velvet curtain. 

Emboldened by their privacy, she allowed herself to indulge in her shameless greed. Her hand slid along the subtle curve of her hip to her far more shapely backside. Drawing her closer, she tormented the dancer’s lips with her own. “You’re being unfair.”

“Am I?” Yuina giggled, sliding her thigh between the apex of Eli’s legs. “Unfair implies we’re not going to take care of this later.”

“True,” Eli replied, her fingers trailing teasingly along the string that preserved non-existent modesty. 

It was clear that despite her bravado, her heart wasn’t in it. The dancer leaned back, her hot pink nails raking gently across her cheek. “What’s wrong, babe?” she asked, settling astride her hips. “You don’t seem like yourself tonight.”

Her shoulders lifted before she could come up with an excuse.

Yuina was the closest she had to a friend in the entire city. The fact that they were bed-mates just enhanced their connection. All it took was a look into those kind eyes, and she was powerless to stop herself from spilling every secret. Every hurt. At first, she had thought it was a byproduct of what she was – a Siren. But the collar Nex made her wear left her impotent. 

“I was with Landyn last night,” she gritted, too aware of the way her lover grew still on her lap. 

“You okay?” Yui asked, framing her face in her hands. Her eyes roamed over every inch of available skin, looking for any telltale signs of pain. Hurts Eli knew she would insist on kissing away. 

“I’m alright,” she replied, not entirely sure if it was a lie or what she had to keep telling herself. 

“What happened?”

Something more than the usual. The unspoken truth hung heavily between them. There was a long moment’s silence. Eli hesitated to say much, especially in such a public place. She leaned closer, her lip razing over the enchanted velvet choker at Yui’s throat. “I embarrassed him in front of Papa and Léandre.”

The Siren made a soft understanding sound in the back of her throat. A sound that was too far from what Eli wanted to hear. She pressed a kiss to her pulse and nudged her thong aside to press against her backside.

She gasped and arched, her chest offered up to Eli to sample. Which she did – greedily. Her tongue darted over the peak of her breast, her eyes molten as they locked onto hers. 

“Sh-shit, Eli,” she whispered, her nails biting into her shoulder as she giggled. “You can’t even wait until I’m off the floor?”

“No,” she purred. “I want to make you come. Right here.”

The Siren let out a pathetic whimper in response, her hips rocking toward her fingers. “You’re the worst,” she laughed.

“I know it,” Eli said, switching her attention from one breast to the other. Her lips closed near sweetly around its peak, her teeth flashing in a wolfish smirk. 

“Later,” Yui promised, her hands wrapping around her wrists to pin them behind her. “You can make me come as many times as you want.”

Eli pouted despite the way Yui’s grip loosened. It faltered when she watched Yui’s hand drift lower. And lower still until the button of her jeans was popped open – the zipper slowly edged down. Her smile grew wolfish as she watched her lover, her head quirked curiously to the side. She made no move to stop her, keen to see how far she was willing to go. 

Yui’s fingers dipped beneath the fabric of her panties, her cheeks reddening at the damp heat she found there. “You’re so wet already,” she purred. Eli parted her thighs, inviting her to touch, to explore. As much as she wanted.

“What are you doing?” Eli smirked, her words coming out as a growl. Her hand gripped her backside roughly, fingers once again flirting with the line of her panties. 

“I’m gonna make you see stars,” Yui promised, her lips lowering to Eli’s, leaving a phantom of a kiss. “I’m going to fill you with my fingers until you feel me in your dreams. You’re going to walk bow-legged out of this booth, and then you’re gonna go back to your apartment and wait for me to get off,” her lips trailed over the center of her chest, her tongue dipping beneath the fabric of her bra, leaving Eli aching for the pleasure she knew her mouth could bring. 

“You’re going to get naked,” Yui instructed as she made good on her promise, dipping her fingers into her aching heat. Eli gasped, her hips arching off her seat in blatant invitation. “You’re going to touch yourself,” she purred, watching with rapt attention as Eli edged her pants down to bare herself. “You’re going to think of my tongue on that perfect pussy of yours.”

She tormented her by pressing a kiss to her core, her tongue tracing languidly over her lips, carefully avoiding the flesh that was left slick with desperation.

Eli’s hips rocked off her seat, slowly rolling her hips into Yui’s fingers, riding them. She trembled when two became three, tensing at the deliciously full sensation. Her lips trailed over her thighs, leaving tiny love marks that would fade within seconds. Her other hand lifted, her fingers circling, teasing, and lightly pinching her clit until Eli gasped. And then three became four, igniting her insides with pleasure, unlike anything she had ever felt before. 

“You look so fucking hot, Eli,” Yui purred. “Look how gorgeous that pussy is stretching around my fingers.” 

Eli trembled, her words caught in her throat as Yui chose a more purposeful pace, leaving every inch of her aching, wanting. “Do you want to come?” She smirked, only grinning wider when Eli let out a whimpered sound – a nod. 

“Come for me,” she instructed, her hands working in tandem to bring her to the brink of her oblivion. Her hips bucked wildly off the booth, her insides tensing near painfully around her fingers. “Come for me,” Yui purred.

And she did – stars erupted behind her eyes as waves of ecstasy crashed over her. “H-Holy shit,” she shivered, collapsing breathlessly against the couch. Her thighs fell apart, her fingers raking through her hair. 

Another shuddered gasp escaped her as Yui’s mouth claimed her – tongue probing, sweeping, circling. She forced her thighs apart, resisting the way she instinctively wanted to clamp down.

“Wh-What are y-ou d-doing?” She hated the way her stutter manifested itself, but she couldn’t think straight with that tongue driving her again to the brink of her release. 

“Cleaning you up, silly!” Yui replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. 

Her hips bucked upward, another orgasm erupting within her, leaving her trembling and breathless, collapsed against the couch. “You’re wicked,” Eli grumbled.

“You inspire that in me,” Yui giggled, reaching into an end table to produce a single-serve package of tissues. She pressed lingering, sweet kisses to Eli’s thighs, taking great care in cleaning her up. “You looked tense,” she said, looking up at her from beneath her lashes. “You know I like to take care of you.”

Eli smiled softly, pulling her close to hold her against her chest. “I know,” she murmured, stealing a sweet, lingering kiss. “I appreciate you. And that you want to.”

“Good,” she grinned, stealing another kiss. “Because you owe me for that.”

“Payment in the form of orgasms acceptable?”

Yui grinned. “Perfect.”

She righted herself, wiggling her jeans back over her hips as she stood. She took note of the way Yui’s eyes danced toward the clock. It would be time for her to sing – time for her to make the club patrons dump out their wallets. Eli’s face fell as she watched her, hand reaching for the Siren’s hair, pushing some make-believe strands away from her face. “You’ve got time yet. Don’t worry.”

“I know,” she sighed, moving to sit on the leather booth. “Just paranoid.”

“I get it,” Eli moved to stand between her thighs, her fingers raking sweetly over her scalp. Yui’s eyes closed in response, her head tilting, leaning into the affection. “Soon enough, we’ll get out of this dump.”

Yui smiled. A heartbreakingly hopeful smile. “Someday,” she agreed. “And then maybe I can take this damn thing off.” 

“I’ll cut it off myself if I can.”

She chuckled in response, hands gliding over Eli’s thighs. “Together, right?”

“We won’t go anywhere without each other,” she promised, pressing a kiss to the tip of her nose. 

“I promise, too. We get out of this. Together.”

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