Escaping the Devil: Chapter Thirty-Five



This story is rated Mature for adult language, sexual content, references to graphic violence, drug, and substance abuse. This means that this is intended for audiences 18 and up.


Eli lost track of time during the last leg of their journey. Despite counting the miles until they reached their destination, she felt they were approaching the impossible. As if this was all a fever dream concocted by her dying brain as she lay on the pavement.

Or, perhaps, she was still in the hotel room — slumped, unconscious in the chair, waiting for Landyn to sink his claws back into her.

It was her luck, after all—the bad kind.

The only thing that made her believe it was possible was the uncomfortable standoff Yui and Gunner had come to. The Siren had barely spoken to him for the first half of the trip. Instead, any question or comment was directed at Eli, who was then responsible for relaying the information, despite being in closed confines. The brattish antics seemed only to inspire frustration from their guide. He kept looking back at Yui through the rearview, hoping to catch her gaze. With decided effort, she managed to avoid his imploring stare. 

Eli knew that if she were to paint a fantasy world for herself, she would have been spared their bickering. 

A quick pit-stop seemed to change Yui’s tune, however. What changed, not even Eli could guess. As soon as her friend’s posterior landed in the backseat, she returned to her usual chipper self. Everyone seemed happier for it. 

They filled their time talking about what their new life would be like. Yui, like Eli, had assumed that Gunner would stay with them. He said nothing to contradict their assumptions, either. 

Yui talked about their house — she wanted brightly colored walls and vibrant wallpaper. She wanted plush furniture and more throw pillows than one home could feasibly need. She spoke about cooking for them, insisting that she would have to make some of her family’s recipes. It was hard not to feel her heart break when she heard how wistful Yui’s tone became when she talked about her mother.

The sun went down, but Eli could see the flash of their smiles under the streetlights.

Eventually, the chatter died, leaving them in strangely comfortable silence. It wasn’t until Eli saw the “Welcome to Sanctuary Hills” sign that she dared to speak again. “Home sweet home.”

Gunner grunted. “I have a place outside of town for us to stay for the night.”

“A place?” Eli asked, her brow climbing up her forehead. 

“Abandoned house. It’s not my place,” he clarified. 

Yui made a soft, implacable sound. “How do you remember where everything is?” Her tone was reverential. Her gaze went just a bit too soft as she inspected his profile.

“I don’t know,” he said with a slight shrug. “It’s just part of the job. You get to know where the best hiding spots are. I wouldn’t be very good at my job if I didn’t.” 

“It’s still really impressive.”

Eli suppressed a small smirk at the breathlessness in Yui’s voice. A task that turned into a feat when she noticed the red staining Gunner’s cheeks. 

“Just… part of the job,” he replied. He swallowed audibly and then cleared his throat. 

“It’s a good idea,” Eli agreed, watching as the wilderness grew less dense, parting to invite them into the outskirts of town. The houses cropped up closer together the nearer they drew. “We can squat there for a bit until we find a more permanent residence.” 

Gunner nodded in agreement. “My line of thinking. It’s tucked far enough away that we can hide for a few days. But it’s not a long walk to get to town.” 

Yui squealed in delight, clapping her hands. “I’m so excited!

They spent the remainder of their short drive with the Siren prattling about how she loved small towns and had always been desperate to live in one. Yui created fantastical stories about what they might do with their new lease on life. Unsurprisingly, her imaginings painted Eli as a tattoo artist. Gunner would become a bartender—a theory that earned a startled laugh from their guide. And Yui proclaimed that she wanted to work in a bakery. The future she imagined was too pure; even Eli found herself wishing that it could be their reality. 

The chatter died down as they pulled into a long, winding driveway. The house was a dilapidated Tudor—the once-red paint had chipped away, revealing weather-grayed wood. The brick was damaged in places. Some bricks had fallen away as if someone had plucked them from their home. The steps had seen better days, having begun to crumble in the harsh New England winters. Dead vines crept their way along the wooden siding, undoubtedly digging into its grooves until the wilderness was just as much a part of the house as its walls and floors. 

The Siren’s squeal tore through the silence, causing both her and Gunner to jump. The car had barely stopped before she pried herself from the backseat and stepped out into the driveway. “This is gorgeous!

They were left in the dust as she raced toward the building. Gunner scrambled after her to stop her before she could reach the door, but he was too late. Yui ducked through the boards and wrenched the door open to slip inside. Gunner’s far larger mass struggled with shifting and twisting to an appropriate shape. Eventually, he gave up and shifted right before her eyes. Eli was treated to the adorable image of a raccoon scrambling through the boarded obstacle course.

Eli felt comfortable joining them inside when no screams or otherwise alarming noises followed. She had an easier time navigating the wooden barrier than Gunner, but she was nowhere near as agile as Yui. She thumped her head and smashed her knee before she managed to slip inside. 

Yui stood at the center of a sitting room, spinning with her arms outstretched. “Look at how cute it is?” 

The room itself was a faded babydoll pink. The furniture was old but in surprisingly good shape, despite the cobwebs that clung to the wooden armrests.

“I’ll get a fire going,” Gunner grumped, casting a frustrated, sidelong glance at the Siren. 

“I think we should have a few drinks!” Yui clapped. “A housewarming party!”

“We’re not staying here for long,” Eli reminded. 

“It’s the closest to home we’ve had since we left Vegas. Since before Vegas, really. C’mon,” she whined, gripping Eli’s wrist as she tugged her further into their temporary home. “Please? Just indulge me!”

“What will we do when we find an actual place?”

“We have another housewarming party. Duh.” 

Gunner snorted at Yui’s matter-of-fact delivery. “She’s got a point.” 

“Fine,” Eli nodded, gnawing her lip. “One drink.”

One drink turned into two. Then two to three. Three turned into too many to count. And eventually, they were all sprawled out on the floor, giggling like idiots. 

And then Yui’s mouth was on hers, her lips hungrily parting hers—her tongue fervently flirting and toying with Eli’s. The Siren’s nimble fingers traced along the apex of her thighs, and she shamelessly opened for her. 

She could feel Gunner’s eyes on them. Her timidness was gone, likely dulled by the alcohol coursing through her veins. Instead, all she felt was a fervent desire to be watched. To be craved. 

She was the one to strip off her shirt and lay bare on the throw blanket. And she was the one to tug at Yui’s clothes until she was just as undressed.

Gunner didn’t bother to hide his interest, either. 

The air around them felt charged—a current spreading between them as Yui’s mouth found her chest. Eli let loose a growled sound, her fingers knotting in the Siren’s hair. Yui whimpered in return, her body arching in delicious submission. Yui’s tongue traced over the peak of her breast, teasing her with the image before drawing it into her mouth. A growl rose in her throat when she felt her teeth rake over its bud. 

Eli wasn’t oblivious to how Siren’s eyes darted to their audience. Yui’s gaze lingered a bit too long at the shadow of his desire, straining against the fabric of his jeans. 

Taking advantage of her distraction, she pinned Yui to the ground beside her. Her fingers found her core, teasing her by touching her just enough to feel how soaked she was, only to spread her wide.

Yui’s cheeks burned, a soft, surprised mewl escaping her. 

“What’s the matter?” Eli growled. “Did you not want Gunner to see you?”

The Siren’s response came out as a choked whimper. 

“Did you not want him to see how gorgeous your pussy is?” She growled, nipping at the shell of her ear. 

She squeaked her chin dipping in a nearly imperceptible nod. 

“Aw, don’t be shy,” Eli coaxed, shifting them so that she pressed Yui’s back to her chest. Then, sitting with the Siren between her thighs, she watched as Gunner observed her—how his gaze grew dark with want, his eyes glued to how her fingers moved. “See? He likes it.” 

Gunner’s cheeks flushed, his eyes snapping to meet hers to convey his frustration. 

“Keep staring at me like that, and I won’t let you see how gorgeous she looks while I fuck her with my fingers.”

His lips lifted in a half-snarl. A warning. Though, he seemed to think better of it. “By all means,” he said, as Yui moaned in protest. 

“Please,” Yui whispered, “I need your fingers. It’s been too long.” 

“Has it?” Eli purred, grazing her teeth along the length of her throat.

Yui made a keening sound, her head moving in a fervent nod. Her lips parted to protest further, but Eli indulged her. Two fingers slid into her core, summoned deeper by how the Siren tensed. Eli gifted her a pleased growl when she heard her name on Yui’s lips. 

She set a slow pace. A torturous rhythm where she alternated between filling her and rubbing her clit. Her free hand went to her breast, fondling and pinching until the Siren was arching and shaking. 

“Are you having fun?” She growled into Yui’s ear, grinning when she received a dazed, pleasured nod. “I can’t hear you.”

“Y-yeah,” Yui stuttered. “I want m-more.” 

“More, hm?” 

“Yes, please,” she shivered. “I want more.” 

“You’ll have to be more specific.” 

Yui let out a petulant growl, earning a delighted grin from Eli. “I want to stretch around your fingers—”

“In just your pussy?” 

The Siren’s moan came out in a breathless shudder. “N-No.” 


Yui shook her head, her cheeks flushing crimson. “Don’t make me say it!”

“But it sounds so nice when you beg for me to fill your ass.” 

The Siren choked, turning her head to bury her face in Eli’s neck as if embarrassed. 

“What if I rewarded you?” 

Yui’s face brightened, her eyes widening as another shiver carved its way up her spine. “What’s the reward.” 

“What if…” Eli met Gunner’s unwavering stare. “What if I let Gunner fuck this tight, soaked pussy while I fucked your ass?” 

The Siren’s entire body shuddered, making it entirely too clear what she thought of that idea. Gunner’s cheeks grew hot as he shifted, being less than subtle in adjusting himself. 

They remained suspended in silence for a long moment, everyone holding their breath until finally, Yui squeaked out, “yes, please. I want to feel him, too. I want you in my ass.” 

Eli grinned triumphantly, summoning Gunner to them with a slight nod. 

He didn’t need much encouragement, unraveling from his place on the floor to kneel between their thighs. Yui watched him shyly from beneath her lashes as he indulged in a moment of exploration. Eli slowly pumped her fingers into Yui, feeling her inner walls contract with the telltale warning of an early orgasm. Yui’s thighs twitched and tensed, her hips moving of their own volition to try to steal the satisfaction she was being deprived of. 

Eli roped her arm tightly around her middle, holding her still. 

Gunner frowned, his head tilting curiously.

“She’s trying to be sneaky about getting off,” Eli explained. 

Gunner grinned wolfishly, his attention drifting to the still squirming Siren before him. “Bad girl,” he smirked, leaning close enough to taste the whine on her lips. “You’ll come when we say you can.” 

Yui tensed near painfully around her fingers, and Eli’s core pulsed in time with hers. 

Gunner kissed Yui. Slowly. Thoroughly. It was the sort of kiss that felt like lifetimes in the making. It was far more tender than Eli could have imagined—far more sensual, too. Eli ground her palm against Yui’s clit as Gunner nipped her lip. The Siren shuddered, going boneless in their shared embrace. 

Their eyes met, and Eli bobbed her head. They worked remarkably well together. He took her direction without her saying a word. He laid back, urging Yui to straddle his hips. They moved together seamlessly, to the point she wasn’t sure where one began, and another ended. Not until Yui’s gorgeous backside was presented to her, as she braced herself on her hands and knees over him. 

Gunner kissed her again. His hands slid down the delightful curve of her waist and over the flair of her hips. He was shameless in how he groped her backside, spreading her ass to Eli in invitation. One that she happily accepted. 

Her hands found Gunner’s, lacing their fingers as she leaned forward and carved a path from Yui’s core to her rear with her tongue. The Siren’s moans turned into a surprised cry, her thighs trembling under Eli’s exploration. Gunner held her still, allowing her to thoroughly sample the Siren’s flesh. Despite his tight grip, Yui’s hips continued to rock, desperate to ride Eli’s tongue to completion. 

Eli could feel Yui’s sex pulsing, edging closer to the brink of her release. However, one look at Gunner made it clear that neither was willing to let her unravel so quickly. 

After all, it was only fair payback for how she tortured them both on their journey. 

With his hands on the Siren’s hips, he guided her to a more upright position. Eli took her place behind her, straddling Gunner’s knees as she teased Yui’s ass with her fingers. 

“Please,” Yui whimpered. “Please, I need you both—“Her pleas died as Gunner roughly pinched her nipple, twisting it until Yui released a shuddered gasp.

“Apologize,” he grinned.

“Fo-for what?” 

“Apologize for torturing me this entire trip.” 

Yui groaned, her head rolling back in a petulant non-answer. He swatted her pussy. Yui’s knees buckled, and another throaty whimper escaped her. “N-Not fair,” she whined. 

“I’ll give you what you want. When you apologize.”

Eli’s mouth went dry as she watched Gunner line himself up with her core. He was sizable. Quite sizable, really. The firelight danced across his skin, making it impossible not to take note of the hard lines of muscle and tattoos. Eli’s insides clenched at the thought of how he might feel.

“Fine!” Yui squeaked, jarring Eli from her reverie. “Fine! I’m sorry for torturing you.”

“And Eli?”

“And Eli, too!” She near-snarled. “Please! I can’t take it anymore!” 

Gunner grinned, drawing her nipple between his teeth. “Good girl.” 

Their eyes locked as he lowered Yui onto him, taking his sweet time in filling her. She made the most delightful sounds, her breath caught in her lungs, suspended between a whimper and a moan. When he guided her hips up, Eli pressed her fingers into her ass, ensuring that never a moment passed, she wasn’t filled.

Eli gripped her by her throat, tugging her tight against her chest. She knew it was cruel, but Yui had the sneaky ability to regain control when she was on top. Forcing her weight backward left her entirely at their mercy. 

Not that she seemed to mind. She seemed too far gone, lost to the rhythm they set.

Yui was boneless—skin flushed, hot from their ministrations. She made sounds Eli couldn’t remember having ever heard from her. 

“Touch yourself,” Eli instructed, reveling in how Yui’s breath caught in her throat when she added another finger. 

“O-Okay,” she stammered, her hand slipping between her and Gunner. “But I w-want you to get off, too.”

“I will,” Eli promised. 

“No,” Yui shook her head fervently from side to side. “I want you to get off with us.” 

Her cheeks burned, her brow pinching. 

Gunner and Yui seemed to share a similar wavelength because Gunner nodded. “Come ride my tongue.” 

It was her turn to flush. Suddenly shy as she shifted, careful to keep her fingers buried in Yui’s backside. The Siren moved with her, leaning forward to brace her palms against Gunner’s stomach. It was a bit awkward, but her nerves were quickly forgotten when Gunner grabbed her thighs and hoisted her into position. 

“You’re gorgeous,” he rumbled against her skin, teeth and lips pressing lazy affections to her thighs.

She shivered, feeling his breath against her aching sex. 

And then she felt his tongue—too skilled as it found its path from her entrance to her clit. “You taste so fucking good.” 

Eli steadied herself, bracing her hand on Gunner’s chest as his lips wrapped around her. It took a moment to gather herself, her cheeks pink as she caught Yui’s heated stare. 

They collapsed into each other, their lips crashing in an impassioned kiss.

They found their rhythm again—Yui sinking, stretching, around Gunner’s cock. Her fingers fucking her deep with every rise of her hips. Gunner’s tongue felt divine, tracing nonsensical patterns over her clit, alternating between sucking and nipping, and filling her with his tongue. 

Their pleasure climbed, the air around them growing heavy—a volcano soon to erupt.

Yui let out a strangled-sounding whimper, wrenching her head back from their kiss last minute to try and catch her breath. “I’m… Cl-close. So fucking close.” 

“Yeah?” Eli wasn’t much better off. 

She leaned closer, baring her teeth down on the hollow of her throat as she swatted Yui’s fingers away. She was merciless, tracing hard, rapid circles over her clit. “Come on his cock,” she snarled. “I want to feel your tight around my fingers. Is that clear?” 

“Y-Yes,” Yui squealed, her thighs tensing, knees turning inward to dig into Gunner’s hips.

If the pain bothered him, he didn’t let on. Instead, he focused on pushing her over the same edge. She couldn’t place the pleasures he lavished on her skin—his tongue, lips, teeth. It wasn’t until she felt Yui shatter around them that she felt Gunner’s lips close around her clit and she came undone alongside her. 

Gunner growled against her core, sending another delightful shockwave up her spine as he, too, met his end. 

They trembled through the aftershocks, groping, kneading, clawing, and groaning. 

“Holy shit,” Yui giggled as she slid off Gunner’s lap and fell backward. “It’s your turn, Eli.”

“My turn?” She asked, realizing that her brain was too fuzzy to make much sense of anything. 

“It took two to tango,” Gunner grinned as he, without warning, rolled her to her back and positioned himself between her thighs. 

“Oh!” She squeaked. “Oh.”

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