Escaping the Devil: Chapter Twenty

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This story is rated Mature for adult language, sexual content, references to graphic violence, drug, and substance abuse. This means that this is intended for audiences 18 and up.


It was torturous to keep the truth to herself. Eli paced the floor of her apartment, glancing at her bedroom nearly with every drawn breath. 

Yui must have been exhausted to sleep so long. Eli could set her watch by Yui waking up at one o’clock in the afternoon, but that time had already come and gone. If it weren’t for the soft snoring from her bed, she might have worried that the Siren was dead. 

Agitation started gnawing at her thoughts. She was frustrated with being quiet and irritated that she had to hold onto important information. Details Yui should know sooner rather than later. 

Forcing herself to look at their situation rationally, she realized that it wasn’t Yui’s fault. The Siren had the same schedule for as long as they’d known each other, and she had an incredibly draining night. The problem was that Eli had gone too long without a drink. Without anything, really. A headache had started to blossom behind her eyes.

It wasn’t good. She knew it wasn’t. Eli was constantly at war with the person she once was and the person she had become. The girl she had been would have been terrified that she had allowed herself to slip so far into addiction. The new her, the one whose hand too readily reached for the crystal glass — the one who could navigate her way blindfolded around her bar cart couldn’t bring herself to care. It was how she coped. How she survived. It was just another task to be added to the list of things she’d fix once she escaped.

Once they escaped.

The liquid warmed on the way down, steeling the nerves she hadn’t realized had bubbled to the surface.

She wanted to believe that the guards wouldn’t say anything if she packed her bags and left. She wanted to trust Julian when he said they were entirely in her employ. But she knew better than to trust a Cole wholeheartedly. The guards might answer to her, but it would have been naïve to think they didn’t go straight to Landyn’s father to report everything. 

She would have to leave with little to her name — only the essentials.

A look around her apartment revealed that there wasn’t much of anything personal. She had been existing in this place as an outsider. A stranger. A black smudge on an otherwise pristine surface.

Giddiness crawled up her spine as she indulged in a few more gulps.

She wouldn’t miss Vegas. She wouldn’t miss the smells. She wouldn’t miss the yelling. She wouldn’t miss the people. However, she would miss the food. The bar cart. The ease in which she could get damn near anything she wanted. This life afforded luxuries to her that she knew she would never experience again.

Not if she had her way, at least. 

Things would be different on the other side. She would no longer be protected and no longer hold prestige, respect, or fear. She would be nameless. A nobody. A blemish. A blip. Faceless, worthless, anonymous.

She moved to the balcony, her arms braced against the railing as she watched the busy streets below. When she found Aria, she pondered how she’d react. She often wondered how age might have changed her face — how her cheekbones might have grown more pronounced, how crow’s feet might have formed around her eyes. She thought about the tiny grooves in her forehead, predestined to form with how expressive her eyebrows were. Perhaps, if the fates were kind — if there were a future in which happiness was intended for her — Aria would let her kiss those marks and smooth them over with her thumbs.

Rattling a cigarette loose from her pack, she hummed to herself. Her thoughts teetered back and forth to her future and what she would need to bring. She decided that she’d wear the t-shirt Aria had bought her. She refused to allow it to be anything other than good luck. Then, of course, she’d need to bring as much cash as humanly possible. Whatever else she brought had to fit into a going-out bag. Nothing too large or heavy.

A knock jarred her from her thoughts. The unlit cigarette was left in the ashtray as she hurried to the door, fearing that the sound would wake Yui. An irrational part of her worried that Landyn had returned early and that he would be on the other side. It had always been risky allowing Yui to sleep in her bed. It was always carefully thought out, and they had put escape routes into place. Unfortunately, they had been careless last night. If he were to see her there, their escape plans would be wholly obliterated before they could even start. Never mind that Landyn had been hurting without his punching bag since Eli had gotten out of the hospital.

A shiver rolled up her spine as she thought about his retaliation. 

Eli checked through the peephole and didn’t see anyone standing there, much to her surprise. Hesitantly, she opened the door and looked down at a grouping of brown paper bags. The scent of greasy food washed over her, causing her stomach to growl in appreciation. 

Tristan offered her a polite nod and swiftly turned his attention elsewhere, his cheeks a soft shade of pink. She hazarded a look down at herself and realized she was in a black silk teddy. A wolfish grin formed on her lips as she bent over, a bit too slowly to grab the bags. 

She didn’t think she’d ever unlearn the fun in teasing. 

It wasn’t often takeaway was brought to her door, but there could have been a few explanations. Landyn liked to send her things at random. Jewelry and clothing, more frequently, but sometimes, he would send her food. It could have also been a message from Archangel — the thought caused her heart to skip a beat. 

“Food’s here?” Yui squeaked from the bedroom, summoning her through the apartment’s threshold. 

“It would seem so,” Eli replied, slightly lifting the bags as if in offering as padded toward the kitchen. “How much did you order? And when?” She asked, setting down the bags on the counter.

“Enough for me and a Werewolf! And probably about a half-hour ago. I woke up, and you looked like you were thinking on the balcony. I didn’t want to bother you. So, I decided to treat us to breakfast. I must have fallen back asleep.” She stretched, yawning dramatically with her fists reaching up toward the ceiling.

Eli afforded her a smitten smile. Yui never ceased to amaze her with how thoughtful she was. “I think you grossly overestimated how much I could eat.”

“All day?” 

Eli paused, evaluating the pile. “Okay, I think you might be close to spot on.”

“Mmhmm,” the Siren smirked, sliding into a barstool. Yui kicked her legs childishly, a too-wide for her face smile formed on her still sleepy expression. “Since I bought it, you should bowl it up.”

“I didn’t think I had a choice.” 

For whatever reason, Yui seemed to have an aversion to plating up her own food. If Eli were the sort to partake in armchair psychology, she’d speculate that it was due to her deep-seated desire to be taken care of and looked after. Fortunately for Yui, Eli was a caretaker in her own right. Las Vegas and Omnus had sharpened her edges over the years, and she had learned that she had a short temper when it came to whining. But still, the want was there to look after those she cared about.

At the moment, she cared about no one as much as she cared about Yuina. 

Eli plucked some plates out of the cabinet and set them down on the counter. “What all did you order?”

“Thai,” she replied, swaying in her seat. “The one bag is Thai. The other is Indian. I got you Aloo Gobi.”

“You’re going for sainthood, huh?”

She beamed at the praise, her legs still kicking.

“No coffee?”

The Siren shook her head, leaning forward slightly. “You have that super expensive espresso machine. Why should we order coffee?” 

“Because…” Eli sputtered, her mouth pushed into something similar to a pout. “It’s something I don’t have to make.”

Yui laughed at her petulance, her smile more affectionate than what was likely deserved. “All right, fair. Next time I’ll order our body weight in food, and I’ll make sure we have coffee.”

“Thank you,” Eli rumbled, pulling out the various boxes and lining them up tidily.

If Yui thought anything about how she paid particular attention to lining up the edges of the styrofoam packages, she didn’t mention it. “I was out for a long time,” Yui commented, her eyes darting to the clock over the stove.

“You slept like the dead.”

“I’m not surprised,” she yawned and leaned forward, her chin braced in her palm. “It takes a lot out of me to use that much energy.”

“I can imagine,” Eli replied, her eyes darting to hers. “Is it… possible to be drained? If you use your ability too much.”

Yui frowned, her mouth pinched into a contemplative line. “I don’t know, to be honest,” she shrugged. “My gift is… just a part of me, I guess. A muscle, maybe? I imagine if I used it too much, it might be the same thing that happens to you if you talk too much. I just… lose my voice.”

“Like the Little Mermaid,” Eli teased.

“I would make a prettier mermaid,” she agreed, flipping her long dark hair over her shoulder. 

“No arguments here.”

Their food was doled out, and the two were positioned side by side. Long enough for Eli to plop a piece of potato in her mouth before recalling that coffee was on the menu. She skittered away, moving a bit more hastily with the taste of curry on her tongue. 

The machine fought her, as it always did. However, eventually, it managed to cough up something appropriate for their first caffeinated beverage of the day. 

Eli played with her food, thinking of the best way to lead into their “tomorrow plans.” Unfortunately, every scenario seemed to result in thrown food or spilled coffee.

Deciding that it was better to wait for a bit longer, they dined on oversized portions of Aloo Gobi and Pad See Ew. They made small talk about the night before. Yui filled in many of the blanks, explaining what had led to her making a wealthy man part almost entirely with his fortune. There was, as always, the worry that he would blame her for his own decisions. While, in essence, he would be correct that she had used his charms on her, he still decided to offer as much as he did. Skewed or not. At least, that was how Eli chose to see it.

Yuina disagreed. She seemed to think that her talents were all-consuming. Once she had her eyes set on someone, there was no saving them. 

Eli wouldn’t know. She’d never been on the receiving end of a Siren’s song.

It was beginning to make sense why she had shown up on Eli’s doorstep the night before. Eli couldn’t help but think about how their escape was coming at just the right time. 

They finished their “breakfast” and did their dishes, settling into companionable quiet as they scrubbed the leftover grease from their plates. Soon after, they were tucked tidily away into the dishwasher — the rest of their food was deposited in the fridge.

Their usual routine led them to the balcony — Yui with her coffee and Eli with hers (though both had a little bit extra something in their mugs). Yui’s nose wrinkled when Eli lit a cigarette, but she didn’t comment further. To her credit, she did a remarkable job of keeping her expression impassive, even when a swathe of smoke curled right toward her face. 

The suspense was killing Eli. Every fiber of her being demanded that she share the good news, but something kept it locked in her throat. Try as she might, she couldn’t quite place the feeling, but it felt wrong to say it aloud. Not for fear of being overheard. Not for fear of getting her hopes up. 

Perhaps, for fear of jinxing their good fortune.

Yui watched her levelly over the rim of her mug. The coffee had gone cold long ago, but still, out of habit, she blew on its surface before indulging in a sip. “What’s going on with you?” She asked, poking her calf with her toe. “You’re awfully quiet today.” 

“I just got a lot on my mind.”

“Wanna unburden?”

Eli couldn’t help but smirk. She caught her lip between her teeth, too aware that her heart hammered loudly in her ears. “I have news.”

“Good news?”

“Great news.”

Yui’s face brightened her coffee cup abandoned as she leaned forward. “Okay, tell me,” she said, her legs bouncing. “Before I start guessing.”

They both knew that once she got started, she wouldn’t stop. So it was best to rip the bandaid off. But still, the words sat like tar in her belly. 

“We’re leaving,” she said, exhaling another deep plume of cigarette smoke. “We’re leaving tomorrow night at 10:24.”

Yui’s eyes widened. For a moment, her expression was entirely unreadable. Her mouth was slack, and her brows were lifted too high; her gaze was distant. It was shock. But what else went along with it? Eli couldn’t even begin to know. 

Not until the Siren squeaked and threw herself across the patio. Her arms closed around Eli’s body, pulling her close. She felt kisses peppered over her forehead, cheeks, chin. And then her mouth — pecks that turned into heated, lingering kisses. The sort that caused a tempest to awake between her thighs. 

Neither seemed to mind that they were on the balcony, still visible in the sun’s dying light. Certainly not Eli when Yui’s fingers slowly pushed down the straps of her nightgown. Her mouth followed suit, leaving a trail of scorching kisses across her skin — along her collar, over the swell of her breasts. 

“When did you get the news?”

“Last night,” Eli shivered, her fingers tightening in Yui’s hair as her tongue dipped beneath the fabric of her nightgown and teased the edge of her nipple.

She drew in a sharp inhale — the most delicious kind of pain awoke in her other breast as Yui pinched and lightly twisted her other nipple. “I can’t believe you kept that from me for so long!” She growled.

Eli was happy to accept whatever punishment she doled out.

Without ceremony, Yui pushed the fabric down, pooling it at her waist, torturing her with lips and tongue. Each breast was worshiped and punished equally, dampening the fabric at her apex. Eli couldn’t help but rock her hips toward her, urging her explorations to continue. As Yui settled between her legs, on her knees on the concrete balcony, the breath hitched in her lungs. “I’ve always wanted to make you come here,” Yui grinned, teasing the inside of her thigh with open-mouthed kisses. “I’ve always wanted the entire strip to watch as you ride my tongue.”

It wasn’t like Eli to flush, but it also wasn’t like her to accept pleasure. She was too used to initiating and claiming the power in the bedroom. Though, Yui certainly painted an enticing image of what could come.

“Do you want to do that now?”

Yui grinned, hesitating as if sincerely thinking about it. Her answer came in her tongue pressed flat to her core, tormenting her through the fabric of her panties. 

“I’d like to start with that,” she grinned. 

“Oh?” Eli smirked in response, her thumbs hooking around the band of her underwear, nudging them down. “What else would you like to try?”

Yui indulged her, pressing a heated kiss to her sex as it was revealed. Her tongue found her, tracing a long, heated line over her heat. “I want to try something you’ve never let me do.”

“Is it butt stuff?”

Yui snorted, discarding her panties to the side, her palms smoothing along the inside of her thighs. “You’ve let me do that.”

“I guess you’ll have to remind me.”

The Siren’s smile grew wicked. “I think we can go for two birds, one stone.”

“Maybe. It depends on what you want to do—” 

Her breath caught when Yui’s tongue began more thorough exploration, weaving its way through her folds and skillfully avoiding her clit. A low, rumbled sound escaped her, her hips pivoting off the chair. “Don’t be mean.”

“Agree, and I’ll worship your clit until your legs shake.”

“I can’t agree to something I don’t know—” she laughed, breathless as Yui’s tongue pressed into her heat.

“Me,” Yui started, her tongue dangerously close to her clit. “You. Bent over.”

Eli hummed in encouragement, rocking her hips slowly toward her.

“I want to fill that perfect pussy with my cock.”

Eli turned a deep shade of red, her head snapping up. “Yui—”

“Agree,” she hummed, teasing the sensitive bundle of nerves with her breath, her lips tauntingly close. “Agree, and I’ll give you the best orgasm of your life.”

Eli’s teeth gritted, her fingers raking through her hair.

“C’mon,” Yui purred, their eyes locking. “Let me pleasure you. Like you pleasure me.”

Her cheeks burned, but her desperation won out in the end. “Yes,” she growled, her fingers tangling in Yui’s hair. “I’ll let you fuck me. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

“Perfect,” she grinned. 

Blessedly, she didn’t have to wait a moment longer to feel the reprieve of Yui’s tongue. Instead, she teased her for only a moment longer before closing her lips around her clit. Eli’s breath hitched, her hips rocking shakily toward her. 

Yui smacked her ass roughly, tugging her to the edge of the seat. “I want you against the railing,” she muttered, biting the inside of her thigh. “I want the world to see how fucking hot you look when you lose control. I want them to see the cute way you shiver, how your thighs shake.”

The idea of being watched was more of a turn-on than she thought it would be. Once Yui created space, she pushed herself from the seat made her way to the railing. The Siren followed suit, backing her up to the corner of the balcony. She sank to her knees with little warning and draped Eli’s leg over her shoulder.

She felt her fingers as they were buried deep — she felt herself stretch around them, her knees feeling weak when she realized how deliciously full she felt.

Eli’s hands moved of their own volition — she toyed with her breast with one hand while the other went to Yui’s hair.

The Siren was vicious in her assault. Her tongue knew the exact patterns to bring her dangerously close to the edge. Her head rolled back, her breath hitching — needy mewls were howled to the winds.

Eli could swear she felt eyes on her. And she wanted it. She wanted people to bear witness to this moment of extreme pleasure. She wanted them to see how her thighs shook when Yui’s lips closed around her clit. She wanted them to see her knuckles whitening in Yui’s hair and against the railing as she braced herself, her hips rocking unevenly, frantically toward her lover. And she wanted them to see the shape her mouth took as she came undone, her hips bucking toward her pleasure.

Stars exploded behind her eyes. A hot rush of ecstasy flooded between her thighs, ricocheting up her spine until she arched off the railing.

Breathless, she rode Yui’s fingers, coaxing herself through the aftershocks. 

“That was quick,” Yui grinned, slowly, adoringly tracing her sex with her tongue.

“Y-Yeah,” she stuttered. “N-No idea where that even came from.”

“I think we found a kink,” Yui said in a singsong voice. “I think we’ll need to explore this more when we leave,” she hummed. “I can think of many places I’d love to fuck you.”

Eli flushed, raking her fingers through her hair. “We’ll be able to make all of that happen.”

“I know,” Yui purred as she stood, her hands finding Eli’s bottom. Their tongues tangled in a heated kiss, their bodies molding perfectly together. “Now get that gorgeous ass on the bed. I wanna see you come all over my cock.” 

Eli needed no further encouragement. She all but raced to the bedroom, eagerly assuming the position, on her hands and knees with her legs spread. She hastily shed her teddy that had pooled around her middle, not wanting to feel any barriers between them.

Yui managed to strip and get the strap on in record time. Whether by skill or pure motivation, she couldn’t tell. Eli felt the warm brush of Yui’s skin against hers. The toy teased her center, gliding backward and forward over her slick heat.

“Which dildo did you get?” She asked, her fingertips biting into the sheets as her eyes rolled back.

“The big one,” Yui replied — Eli could swear she heard her smirk. “I want this pretty little pussy full of me,” she hummed, her hand finding the swell of her backside. Eli whimpered, feeling her thumb press against her ass. “Maybe if you’re good, I can fill both holes.”

“Please,” she shivered, grinding herself hard against the toy. “Please.”

“You’ll be good?”

“Mmhmm,” Eli nodded fervently, her thighs already trembling.

Yui tortured her with the head of the toy, pressing it against her entrance. Her hips bucked, her desperation urging her to sink her hips backward to take all of her. The Siren maintained a death grip on her hips, keeping her perfectly still. “You didn’t answer me. Are you going to be good?”

“Yes! I’ll be good!” She buried her face in the bed, her knees parting further, silently imploring her to stop teasing and fuck her. 

“I believe you,” Yui said, the smile too obvious in her voice as she sank slowly into her.

Eli felt her breath catch in her throat as her body stretched to accommodate the toy. Her fingers tangled in the sheets, her calves tight as she forced herself to remain perfectly still.

Yui chose a slow, deliberate pace. She fucked her with long, purposeful strokes. A tremble raced up Eli’s spine when she felt her lover’s nails biting into her hips. 

“Play with that gorgeous pussy,” Yui growled. “Rub your clit.”

Eli didn’t require further encouragement. Her hand disappeared between her thighs, indulging them both.

Yui groaned, her hips bucking faster, punishing her with every thrust. The angle was perfect for pressing against her sweetest spot. She was left incapable of doing much else but letting out shuddering moans and sentiments so lewd she would blush later thinking about them. 

A cry escaped her as Yui’s thumb pressed into her backside. She couldn’t recall a time she had wanted anything more badly. She was overwhelmed by desperation unlike anything she had ever experienced before. Every part of her was frantic to be filled — craving the utter domination of having no part of her left unexplored.

Yui indulged her, filling her until she felt like she would burst. “You’re so fucking hot,” she complimented, driving herself hard into her. “I love the way you look. On your knees, pleading to be fucked.”

“Don’t get used to it,” Eli laughed, her breath stolen entirely by a purposeful rock of Yui’s hips into hers.

It wasn’t long before she felt another finger pressed into her ass, leaving her trembling and aching beneath her. She tensed hard around the toy, reveling in the delicious friction. Every thrust pushed her closer to her edge. Her voice rose in rasped snarls, a low slew of profanity being the only intelligible offering as Yui fucked her hips into the bed. 

“Just like that, baby,” she whined. “I’m so—so close.”

“Come for me,” Yui snarled, her free hand colliding with Eli’s backside. “I want you to soak my cock.” 

She tensed, her thighs threatening to give out beneath her. She let out a high-pitched, keened sound as she came undone, her head rolling back as she cried her release to the heavens. 

Yui gripped her by the throat and tugged her backward, trapping her in a searing kiss. Her free hand went to her hip, massaging small, comforting circles against her skin. “You’re so fucking hot,” she murmured, nipping her lower lip.

Eli laughed, melting into her touch, her shaking fingers still tracing circles over her clit as she came down. “No, you.”

A strange sound came from behind them, almost like a cleared throat. Eli looked back and howled when she saw the figure of a man standing in her doorway.

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