Escaping the Devil: Chapter Twenty Five



This story is rated Mature for adult language, sexual content, references to graphic violence, drug, and substance abuse. This means that this is intended for audiences 18 and up.


It happened so quickly; it was like a fever dream. Gunner was where he said he would be, too eager to get her into the waiting car. From there, they went to a safe house to lay low. It was an old, abandoned building that smelled like mold and unwashed bodies. Fortunately enough, they didn’t have to stay for long. Eli knew that she should have taken the time to rest, but she was too wired. Too paranoid. So long as they were in the city, they had every reason to be on edge.

Old phones were stripped of their sim cards and ditched around the city. Burners were then turned on. 

And then they got Yui — who climbed into the car with a squeal of delight. They tangled up in each other’s arms, laughing, squealing, kissing. Eli felt like she spent the first hour of their journey chasing her tears away with her touch.

Gunner was quiet for the first leg of their travels, his eyes darting to the rearview and his side mirrors, ever vigilant for any sign of someone tailing them. 

It never came.

So they kept driving, stopping only when necessary. Gas and bathroom breaks were to be executed within five minutes. Eli took advantage of one of their stops to pick up some quintessential road trip food, beer, and a carton of cigarettes. She and Archangel were making quick work of the packs she brought. Nerves and the unending road before them seemed to trigger his cravings. And hers, too. Overshadowed only by the near-desperate desire she felt to drink. Or anything to take the edge off. 

Yuina hummed in the back seat, none-the-wiser to the frustration that started to edge its way into the car. 

The battle for control started with the radio. Gunner favored classic rock, while Eli preferred something more modern. The two fought over the nobs, acting like bratty children trying to keep their squabbling out of their parents’ eye-line.

The few words they did exchange were quite terse, both still high on adrenaline after what had led to their departure. 

After a few hours into the trip, sleep finally claimed her. She didn’t know how long she slept, but it was dark by the time her eyes opened again. In a blink, the dessert was behind them. They were surrounded by miles upon miles of open fields. Tall grass and twinkling stars, without a single street light in sight.

“Holy fuck,” she croaked, forcing her seat upright. “Where in the Hell are we?”

“Just outside of Denver,” Gunner replied, tattooed fingers snaking into the pack left open between them. It was nearly gone. Eli reached for one of her own, their fingertips brushing.

She wrenched her hand away, keeping her gaze locked on the road for any sign or indicator of where they were. 

In the distance, she could see a dated sign. But, even from afar, it looked like it belonged on the set of a horror film and not on an official road. “Last Chance,” she read aloud. “‘Last chance’ for what? Gas? Food?”

“It’s the town’s name,” Gunner explained, glancing over his shoulder at her. 

She noted how bloodshot his eyes were. Bags had formed beneath them, making his otherwise sharp features seem gaunt in the darkness. 

“Shit. That sounds ominous.”

Their tire hit a pothole, startling Yui awake. She squeaked and then giggled at her over-the-top reaction. “Where are we?”

“Last Chance, Colorado,” Gunner answered, remarkably patient, despite having only just had the same conversation with Eli. 

Yui let out a prolonged, ‘oh.’ “Sounds creepy,” she whispered, leaning between the front seats. She rested her chin on Eli’s shoulder and brightened when a chaste kiss was pressed to her forehead. “Are we going to be stopping soon? My ass is numb.”

Archangel stared humorlessly forward. “We will. Soon,” he pointed to an unseen location straight ahead. “We will be making camp somewhere around there.”

Eli’s lips compressed into a thin line, her eyes scanning the darkness. “Have you stopped here before?”

“Yup,” he sucked an inhale of his cigarette through his teeth. “Places like this are a smuggler’s bread and butter. There are acres upon acres of absolute nothingness. Just gotta know the right spots to hide, so the locals don’t catch sight of you.”

Eli scoffed. “There are locals here?”

“There are locals everywhere.”

Yui hummed thoughtfully, her fingers tracing the line of Eli’s shoulder. Then, she stopped abruptly, letting out a shrill-sounding gasp. “Holy shit, Gunner! You’ve been driving for thirteen hours?”

He made a gruff noise in response. “Give or take, yeah.”

“You pull over, mister,” she said hotly. “Driving tired is worse than driving drunk.”

A smile split his scowl. Then, a low, rumbled laugh escaped him, his eyes darting to meet hers in the rearview. “I would love to see the data to back that up.”

She grumped, falling back into her seat, her arms folding around her middle. “It is so,” she protested petulantly. “Someone told me that.”

“Yeah, well, someone told me the sky was purple.”

Yui pulled a face, her lip still stuck out in a pout. “It sometimes is.”

Eli laughed. “She has a point.”

Gunner snarled, but there was no heat to the sound. “This is gonna be a long trip.” 

Gunner set up their camp with enviable proficiency. Eli could sense that exhaustion was getting the best of him, though he did his best to mask it. They were far from friends, but she had learned to read him over the past several hours. Not enough to say that she could sense his moods in the way she had detected Landyn’s, but enough to know when he was putting on a good show.

She wondered if it was a blessing or a curse that she could sense the subtle shifts and changes in the tides.

As she took a sip of her beer and watched the small fire, she decided that it was both. A curse in how it came to her. A blessing in how, now, it can help protect her. 

Help protect Yui.

Gunner had the body language of a predator. No part of her trusted him — and likely never would. But she could sense that they were safe with him.

For now.

Time would tell if the tides would turn against them. 

He was silent, watching the flames as they licked at the scant kindling they had added. They were in a small clearing, guarded by tall grass. It would be hard to find them unless one knew where to look. Eli’s confidence in his abilities grew, though she wouldn’t dare compliment him. To do so would risk inflating his ego. She had learned, over the years, that confidence could be the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

It was better to stay humble. Alert.

Her knuckles whitened around her beer can, her fingers itching for another cigarette. Her lungs burned from the amount they had gone through during the day. Even Werewolves, with their enhanced healing abilities, could only take so much. 

She coughed, and Yui leaned into her side, allowing her fingers to trace over the inside of her knee. “You feeling all right there?” She hummed, brushing her lips over the line of her jaw.

“Just smoked too much,” she smiled, brushing her nose against Yui’s.

“You shouldn’t do that, then,” she teased. 

“That would be the smart thing to do, huh?” Eli caught her chin between her forefinger and her thumb. She tilted her mouth to press against hers — her teeth pressed to her lips as she smiled. “I can’t seem to stop, though.”

“You can use that oral fixation for something else,” the Siren hummed.

“You both realize I’m sitting right here, right?”

Yuina grinned wickedly, her attention snapping back to him as if only now realizing he was there. “Your point?”

Gunner rolled his eyes, his expression growing more sullen. Now, it seemed like he was making a point of staring at the fire. 

Eli knew that devilish look in her friend’s eyes. She had seen it too many times to count. She liked to play with fire. 

Yui sealed Eli’s lips with her own, wasting no time invading her mouth — sampling her tongue, sucking, nipping her lip. Eli couldn’t help but melt into the affection. Her hands developed a mind of their own as they began to wander — fingertips kneading into her backside, tracing over the shape of her thighs. Her thumb found the place where Yui’s hip and thigh met and traced a deliberate, wanting path. Her fingers hooked in the loop of her jeans, tugging.

The Siren’s fingers earned a startled gasp as they delved beneath the fabric of her pants. They slipped past the cloth barriers and buried into the molten heat between her thighs. They were too skilled as they circled her clit — too pleasurable as they delved into her. Filling her, fucking her. 

For a moment, she was too distracted to even kiss her — leaving her mouth open against Yui’s as the Siren tasted her moans. 

Yuina moved to sit behind her, tracing the front of her throat with her free hand until she held her jaw. She was merciless in her explorations, alternating between fucking her and playing with her clit. Pleasure built up low in her belly — her inner walls tensed around her touch as her hips rocked of their own volition.

“Open your eyes,” Yui whispered into her ear. 

She indulged her. Her gaze fluttered open to see Gunner sitting opposite them, watching with rapt attention. 

Eli felt her insides clench, sending another shockwave of ecstasy rolling up her spine. 

Yui giggled into her ear. “So you do like being watched!”

Eli couldn’t think, let alone force herself to respond. So instead, she bucked her hips into her hand, riding her fingers harder. More purposefully.

“I’m going to make you come all over my fingers while he watches. Is that what you want?”

She flushed, her embarrassment painting her cheeks a scarlet color. 

“Is that what you want?” Yui snarled, her teeth finding her pulse to press a bruising bite there.

Eli winced, nodding fervently.

Yui’s fingers stilled, her thumb hovering over her clit. Eli ached for her, having been driven so close to her release, only to have it denied. She let out a whimpered moan, her body bowing, silently pleading for more. 

“Tell me that you want him to watch me fuck you,” she whispered. “Tell me that you want him to see you soak my fingers with that gorgeous, soaked pussy.”

Yui!” She protested, her body shaking with the pleasure she was refused. 

“Tell me,” she purred, teasing her entrance with a third finger. “Tell me, and I’ll stretch your pretty cunt and fuck you to a knee-shaking orgasm.” 

“F-Fine,” she stammered, feeling her thighs tense and her toes curl. “I want you to make me come. While he watches.”

Yui grinned. “Good girl.” She was rewarded with another finger, curled in just the right way to rub against her sweetest spot. The Siren was merciless in how she fucked her — somehow, her jeans had been pushed down past her ass. Somehow, her own hand had wound up her shirt, baring her breasts as she pinched and twisted her nipples.

Her whole body felt like it was on fire — awake for the first time as Yui fucked her harder. Faster. Her thighs shook as she ground herself into the Siren’s touch. Ecstasy built and built until it exploded low in her belly. She collapsed against the earth, feeling her thighs shake, soaked in her release. She thought she was staring up at the night sky, only to realize that the blackness in her vision was slowly fading. She gasped for air, laying slumped, spent against Yui’s frame. 

“Good girl,” the Siren purred, pressing a soothing, apologetic kiss to the bites she left against her skin. 

The aftermath didn’t last for long. She was quick to dress, hiding her nudity from Archangel’s gaze. He pinned them with his stare, his arousal obvious, even from his guarded position across the fire. 

He, smartly, didn’t say anything about what had just happened. Instead, he lit a cigarette with remarkably still hands and stared at the fire. “You never did tell me where we were going,” he said, draining the rest of his beer.

“Sanctuary Hills,” she said, almost as if by reflex.

His brows lifted, but he offered no comment. “That’s a long ways away from here.” 

She nodded. “The further, the better.”

He lifted his beer, his eyes finding hers at long last. “I’ll drink to that.”

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